Sunday, 10 June 2012

Where's a plaster when you need it?

Sponsored by Soup*

I don't think I've been more grateful to be doing an Elastoplast promotion after the major stack that #2 Son had on his scooter yesterday afternoon.

We were visiting friends down the street. The boys took their scooters and went on ahead, while a friend and I were following. It's a steep street and Son #2 lost control of his speeding scooter and came off it, hitting the kerb spectacularly.

Thankfully he was wearing a helmet. He's grazed all of his nose, his hands and knuckles and both his knees. The poor thing is our worst patient at the best of times, so the animalistic bellows emanating from him were 10 decibels louder than normal.

When we came home, I tore into the individual plaster samples which I was meant to pass onto friends and used them on #2 Son. (Sorry Soup!) The no-name placebo plasters that I usually use weren't going to cut it this time. The Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof plasters have done the trick. The ones on his knees are still intact, although the one near his thumb is just starting to peel off in one corner. But it will be time to change them soon anyway.

grazed knee with Elastoplast plaster strip

The plaster which is just starting to peel off

This blog post was actually meant to remind you that the competition for the $150 gift voucher ends tonight but now we've had a legit reason to use the plasters, I can tell you that they do the job.

If you haven't already entered the comp, just follow the link here for your chance to win. Jason will be choosing the winner.

*Soup have kindly organised $150 worth of Elastoplast products to be donated to a local non-profit community group of my choice (our local Scouts group). Thanks Soup and Elastoplast!


  1. hate accidents. Get well soon x

  2. OUCH !! I think it was the day ... first born - 9yrs - had his finger closed in the cupboard door - I thought he was going to need a tranqualiser - he was a mess !!screaming the unit down - we were at friends on their north coast holiday - I am surprised no one called the police ... in between sobs he kept threatening to kill his brother who had been doing the door shutting ... dearie me ! Hope your babe is healing nicely - best le xox

  3. Thanks FF and le. He looked awful when he was sprawled on the ground near the gutter. My first thought was a trip to the emergency department was on the cards. So relieved he was ok and it was just superficial grazes. xx

  4. Oh no. Sorry you had to use them :(
    But glad to hear that they work well :)
    Hope the boy gets well soon <3

    I finally managed to post your Morrocanoil treatment. Hope it arrives soon. Sincere apologies for taking so long :(


  5. I could just imagine the scooter wobbles and screams! I need a First Aid kit I've decided. I think I've been playing with fire Elastoplast-wise.

    PS I have a very funny New Yorker magazine cover which reminds me of Jason. I'll have to scan it and send it to you.

  6. Oh dear, that is a heart in the mouth moment for sure. I still remember the pain of that kind of gravel rash. Ouch!

  7. Tell the truth you tripped him didn't you? Gee some people will do anything for a good promo.... Just kidding. Grazes are the worst pain, hope he is on the mend soon. Gnarly man!!!

  8. Katherine!! Too funny. I can see how you would think that but it was pure chance! I swear...although, it's clearly not beneath me to exploit his scooter stack!! xx


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