Monday, 31 December 2012

A new year

Didn't 2012 just fly by? It only seems like yesterday that we were preparing for the 2012 projects we wanted to tackle around the Sow's Ear. And what a very productive year we've had! Probably the biggest renovating year we have had since moving here in 2009.

Hooray!  Finished painting the second carport the other day! 

This year you saw us renovate and complete the study and the two youngest boys' bedroom.

It also saw the introduction of a new builder, Mr D, who constructed a new front fence. The fence makes the Sow's Ear like the eyebrows to a face.

We liked Mr D's work so much we got him back to build external side stairs and to weatherboard the Sow's Ear to ground level (the bottom half of the house used to be clad in fibro).

external side stairs with added roof

Jason also did his DIY thang - cladded the internal walls under the Sow's Ear with VJ panelling, made a start on adding decorative valances to the Sow's Ear's exterior, replaced windows and installed new (old) French doors and of course there was the never ending painting.

We seriously have kept the DIY house painting market afloat with the amount of painting that has occurred here. If there is a global paint bust, don't blame us because we've done our bit...and more!

In terms of personal growth, Jason learnt that beautiful French sports cars are heart breakers, knows how to paint a straight line like a well-seasoned house painter, and discovered the joys of hi-vis work wear. He tells me yellow is his favourite fluoro.

For me, I have seen the boys grow rapidly with our youngest son starting Kindy, saw the publication of a pet project Australian Modern and got a few more freelance writing gigs to keep me off the streets.

Gotta love the $5 Panton chairs. Of course they are replica but they do the trick as extra seating on the deck.

I op-shopped and found some very excellent mid-century designer wares. And I also braved the cameras to get a kick-ass photo, so that you can now put a face to the Bris Mod name after years of anonymity.

One of the nicest things of all has been meeting a few of my long time readers (a lot of lurkers...more people read Fun and VJs than I thought!) and meeting other Brisbane-based bloggers.

I have found everyone to be very friendly and amicable and it always surprises me to hear about all the negativity surrounding social media and blogs. So far, I've had a charmed blogging life and the positives have been many. Thank you for the wonderful support.

All up, we've had a good year. Not for a minute do we take for granted the good health and good luck that has graced us in 2012. We can only hope that this will last and if it doesn't, well you get that...

Happy New Year everyone. See you in 2013.


  1. All the best to you all in 2013! Life has it's own way of unfolding and revealing it's purposes and plans...may they continue to be beautiful...Happy New Year!

  2. You have done so much! Oh wow, to have done even half of what you guys have achieved would be briliant. Anyway, I aspire to have your renovating mojo.
    Happy New Year Anita!

  3. All the very best for 2013. Congrats on finishing the external painting. So does this mean you will be updating your header?

  4. What a great way to finish up the year. It's looking brilliant.
    Happy New Year to you all. Jx

  5. Productive year indeed! Looks great!
    Looking forward to a prosperous New year!

    Water Damage Raleigh

  6. May 2013 bring you more straight lines, a few interestingly curved ones, more pineapples and more mod bowls to put them in.
    PP X

  7. Happy New Year Anita! Your achievements have been very inspiring and it has been lovely to meet you in person and share stories. I wish you all the best for 2013. xx

  8. What a great year and so much progress at the Sow's Ear. May 2013 bring more of the same and much more.

  9. You really did accomplish a lot in 2012 and inspired many of us to move forward with our own projects.

    Happy New Year to all of you at the Sow's Ear.

  10. I love your renovating ethos. The Sow's Ear must be thanking you! We too have had a big year of renos. Isn't it amazing what 12 months can do to a house?

  11. Just popped over to wish you a happy new year ... Happy New Year!

  12. You should really congratulate yourselves on such a massive effort. You have done so much in 2012. It is all lookinf fantastic. Lou x

  13. Happy New Year! Thanks for helping me to get started all those months ago. Hopefully soon I will have some real-life reno photos to post. And I imagine just as we get started you will be almost finished:) xx

  14. Your year has been so amazingly productive and there is really almost no sow left and a whole lotta silk purse. It has been such a treat to live vicariously through your real reno progress, hopefully this year it is our turn. mel x


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