Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas and carport update

Christmas is done and dusted. We had a lovely day, enjoying family time together. It really is a magical time, especially now the children are older and look forward to Christmas Day. Sadly, it is over too quickly.

Christmas morning at the Sow's Ear. Lego was the choice toy in the letters to Father Christmas.

Turkey for Christmas Eve dinner. I use toothpicks to sew the bird up...lazy prep but it worked!

Jason is back to painting the carport. It's his aim to have it finished by the time he returns to work next week. And he will have it done by the rate he is going.

Jason's a thorough painter. He's painting the trusses white. They used to be heritage green.

The carport from the side stairs of Sow's Ear. 

I thought it would be interesting to show you what this side of the house looked like about two years ago...We've just tried to simplify the exterior colours and lessen the amount of visual clutter that made up this side of the Sow's Ear. And in time all our changes will settle in and seem like it was never different...

Sow's Ear two years ago 

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone!


  1. Merry chrissy to you all, you just can't go wrong with lego can you, we have heaps from my husbands childhood as well as new stuff the kids have gathered over the years!
    The carport is looking fantastic, a great transformation!!

  2. Little changes make a big difference don't they? It's not Saturday here yet!

  3. Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas - yes, it is always over too quickly.
    The carport looks fab. It makes me feel I should be outside scraping paint off that darned window I started early this year, but I think I'll do something else instead!

  4. The carport is looking very spesh. So is that fluoro green turf that appears to have grown prolifically in recent weeks. Lego at our place too, you must be overrun with the stuff with three of them collecting. I thought lego was the only evil underfoot but have discovered sylvanian families is much much worse. Teeny tiny hospital accessories e.g. iv infusion kits are much more painful. mel x

  5. It's looking terrific, and glad you had a good Christmas too.
    We had better get back to some more work as well. Today. Probably. Jx

  6. What a gorgeous carport - so cute. You have made a huge difference to your Sow's Ear. Looking great:)

  7. I love the visual cohesiveness Anita! It is all looking fresh and lovely. I hope you have some time to sit back and revel in all your hard work before Jason heads back to work.

  8. Love the new carport colors. As usual, Jason is a working machine. Your Christmas tree was beautiful. How many Legos have you stepped on so far...or are your kids good about keeping them picked up?

  9. I've been browsing for ideas on carport designs. Yours is pretty unique looking, I like that it has more ornate roof and sides. Thanks for the inspiration!


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