Friday, 21 December 2012

Washing machine delivered and house raising neighbours

Is it wrong for me to obtain an excessive amount of pleasure from doing a load of washing?

Perhaps. A few day's worth of dirty laundry and a broken washing  machine can do that to a person.

So life is back to domestic normality. The appliancesonline people came through with the goods and delivered the new washing machine as promised. I could've kissed those guys when they rocked up on my doorstep with their trolley.

What stood out for me was that you get a telephone call in the morning with an expected delivery time and another phone call half an hour before they actually arrive. There was none of the ridiculously wide time frames (of up to five hours) that you often get with delivery services. No wonder everyone seems to rave about it!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I'm just pleased to share a good experience, especially when the purchase is an emergency. Hopefully the new washing machine will last the distance and I won't have to do this again in a hurry (as easy as it was, I hate having to fork out money for white goods!)

House raising. It's been fascinating to watch from our back deck.
Also, there has been a bit of renovating activity occurring around us. One of our neighbours (we don't really know them) is in the process of raising their post-war chamfer board house and have put in a swimming pool. It is such a big undertaking. And you know what? They're using the same builders as that Renovator's Rescue (read here) home I had critiqued recently!

I thought my regular readers would get a kick out of learning that...


  1. Wow, that seemed really fast. I'm glad you had such a good experience. If there's a vendor like that in the US, I haven't heard about it, but it would be nice to find one. We're about to start a major project, and I'll be buying lots of appliances soon.

  2. It's always good and somewhat of a surprise when purchases run so smoothly. I actually quite enjoy puttingthe washing on. I feel like I am doing something worthwhile without mi=uch effort!
    The house looks really pout of proportion with the block it's on (or above).

  3. Now-a-days I'm shocked when I receive good service. I'm used to shoddy service or passable service, but when I experience good service I feel like hugging the person. It really doesn't take much. I'm glad your new washing machine experience has turned out for the best.

  4. It is really tough being without a washing machine, one of those things you really cannot do without. So I know what you mean when your newbie is finally delivered.
    OMG the same builders - at least you wont have to look at the front everyday. :) xx

  5. Thank God the washing machine people came through...stinking piles of laundry is NOT what you need at this time of year! You must be rejoicing just to hear it go through it's cycles without a hitch!

  6. So glad you are not having to turn the undies inside out for christmas day. Although I reckon you could just let the kids live in their swimmers and hose them down daily and it would all be ok. Nice info about the online appliance mob. If my oven decides to pack it in before march, I know where to turn. Enjoy xmas, my mob are as sick as dogs, gastro and bronchitis. Bring on some christmas alcohol I say! mel x

  7. Should you need any extra pleasure over the holidays, I have a load or two for you:) You'll have to do a post with the before/after of the front of this house. xx

  8. Is it an invasion of privacy to be taking photos of your neighbours house and posting it on your blog? I know that my friend, who owns this house, wouldn’t appreciate it .


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