Sunday, 17 February 2013

Painting the bathroom vanity

Our old bathroom vanity was brown and tired. And it looked even more so after we had painted the bathroom walls with nice vivid white paint.

So, with the magic that is undercoat primer and gloss white paint, the vanity is looking remarkably better. Our low-cost mini bathroom makeover is heading in the right direction.

The vanity still needs a final coat and their chrome pulls

Jason removed the tarnished brass knobs that were on the vanity. They're still in very good nick and we may be able to salvage them for another part of the Sow's Ear or pass them on to someone who may need them.

We'll be using simple chrome handles which we have used previously on other cupboards in the bedrooms. They are uncannily similar to the Arne Jacobsen Vola pulls...except made in Taiwan! The chrome will be easier to keep clean and will be a consistent look for the Sow's Ear.

Vola pull
This week I'll be shopping for new towel rails and a toilet roll holder to replace the sad old timber ones which are well past their use by date. Updating the architectural hardware will give the bathroom a real lift and will allow us to gain more towel hanging space.

I'll keep you posted about what we've chosen for our bathroom.


  1. Been wondering what you might do with the vanity, we have the same one. Would like to paint ours one day as it's still in great nic, the sides put me off though. Nice handles too.

  2. It's amazing what a couple of coats of white paint can achieve! The vanity is looking great, look forward to seeing more progress :)

  3. Wow! Looks great! I love a coat of paint!!

  4. I used those same pulls on my kitchen cupboards in the apartment I used to live in. They looked nice and neat, but with crappy old 60's cupboards sometimes they were almost impossible to open!
    The paint is looking great :)

  5. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do! I think those are about the coolest pulls I've ever seen.

  6. Funny, we took all the pulls from our kitchen that were like this off, and replaced them with grippier ones, as my fingers kept slipping off them. Sadly they are modern. cute button black plastic ones would have set in well :)


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