Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tree business

That storm that hit South East Queensland last weekend was a doozy. These 'once in a hundred years' weather events seem to be occurring biennially.

We were lucky that the Sow's Ear was unscathed by the destructive winds. We half expected to wake up after the worst of it to find a bit of the Sow's Ear in the neighbour's yard...It really was that bad.

The tree has wedged itself into another tree
What we did find the next morning was an uprooted tree which wedged itself into our Mango tree. Yikes.

Luckily the tree was leaning away from the house
We were really relieved that it didn't hurt anyone or damage's not going anywhere (unless there is another once in a hundred years storm) now that it's entwined with the other tree.

If you are out and about, you will see lots of uprooted native trees in parks and footpaths across Brisbane. It is such a strange sight to see all these massive trees lying prone on the ground (I've just finished reading Day of the Triffids - you never look at trees the same way again after reading that).

Also, I'd never want to experience the cyclones that hit Far North Queensland every summer. This storm was nothing compared to what they experience so regularly!

Neighbour's tree which was uprooted by the storm. Fortunately, it didn't damage the fence.

Anyway our falling down tree is going to be a pain in the arse to remove...Hmmm, no Jason DIY for this little project. We've called in the tree loppers and it's going to cost a motza to remove.

In many ways, it would've been better if it had just fallen on the ground, but I guess that was not in the divine plan.

Tree pulled away from the roots and splitting the corrugated iron fence

Let's hope this tree lopper is a better lopper than he is speller.

You know, we only just noticed the spelling error ourselves. Bahahaha!
 p.s Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the floods yet again. It really is a cruel world at times.


  1. I bet Jason is really disappointed that there are no repairs to carry out on Sow's Ear'. Perhaps they meant 'stress'?

  2. You'll have a lot more light in the garden when it's been removed.

  3. Crazy arsed weather! Why didn't we lose the big ugly tree wed like to get rid of instead of the pretty ones?
    Fire and flood! They do say it's God's country!

  4. PS Maybe the looper lops hair (tresses) as well. Bahaha...

  5. I suppose as long as he is better at tree lopping than he is at spelling all will be well :)

  6. Obviously a practical fellow and not an academic! We have a bush that snapped off and has to be chopped up and carted away but I'm sure it will grow again from it's stump as it's pretty hardy.

  7. I have just this minute been discussing tree trimming of some of our huge gums with hubs and our plan is too wait for things to die down a bit until we get a quote from our usual tree people. Several of his work colleagues have been handed absolutely exorbitant quotes straight after the storm from loppers.
    I guess if a tree needs to be removed pronto then that's a different issue and folk have to cough up.
    Good luck with it and glad no damage was done to the house

  8. I said the same thing-I don't know how people up in N Qld deal with it! It was horrific up here too for over 36 hours.

    We too were lucky-all we lost was our lime tree.

    Glad you came through relatively unscathed!!

  9. Well it could have been worse.. What an unfortunate task to take on though

  10. So sorry for your loss! Poor tree.

  11. Goodness do you want me to send Legoman over ? , he would be in heaven carving up a tree like that. Only problem is he is not insured and is still learning on the job (hence the excessive safety getup). mel x

  12. I hope you got it all the way down without doing anymore damage.


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