Monday, 25 February 2013

Poor choice...

There is a reason why retail is dying...every time you go into a shop, they never seem to have what you require...At least that's my usual experience and the reason why I prefer to shop online.

We ventured over to the other side of town to buy the bathroom bits and bobs we had decided upon. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ring beforehand, (un) naturally assuming that what we wanted would be in stock.

Cue the fail buzzer sound effects:


"Just wondering if you can help me. Do you have any of the "__ __" towel rails in stock?" I enquired of the dude in the plumbing section.

"Which ones?" Plumbing dude asks.

"Just the ones on display. On that wall, over there," I said pointing to the sparkly chrome towel rails.

"Those. No, they're an order item. We don't have any of that brand on the floor. They're very expensive. You have to order them in," said the dude.

"Oh. So, that's it. You don't have anything in stock?" I asked with arched eyebrow.

"We do," he said as he took me to the budget blister-packed bathroom accessories section. 

What the? We could've gone to our local hardware to get the same stock standard products...Very disappointing indeed. 

To make matters worse we ended up buying the blister-packed items and installed them in the bathroom - towel rails, towel ring and toilet roll holder. I'm not sure what we were thinking...clearly we don't like to make wasted trips to shops. 

stock standard chrome towel ring

It's a bit 'budgety' and was a poor choice on our part. They don't seem terribly substantial and verge on the flimsy. Not all bathroom accessories are made equally. Very poor choice.

Anyway, it will just have to do... for the time being.


  1. I've ordered almost everything online for my new apartment for that very reason. It makes me crazed to go to a store and find a huge display, most of which is special order.

  2. I often have bad retail experience. The Modernica plant pot I bought took about one-and-a-half months to arrive, and I had to return two pots before I got one that wasn't cracked and wobbly and the size I'd paid for.

    Your little towel ring looks fine to me. It will last you until you end up moving into your dream home, and then the new owners of the Sour's Ear will end up ripping it out anyway! :)

    1. MMMC, the dream home is a very long way off and I suspect the Sow's Ear will be it! It's true what you say though...all our renovations will not be ripped out etc if we ever sell. I suspect the while house would be removed and two great big dirty McMansions will be built on the land. Sometimes it seems our efforts are so futile...

  3. I can NEVER understand why any retailer would go to the trouble of setting up a display and then not have the stock on hand. People like to see products and touch and feel them so if it's out then they are going to want to take them home......TODAY! My head was falling off I was shaking it so hard reading your post. Really gets my goat!

    Jennifer xx

  4. Hearing you LOUD and CLEAR Anita. I feel your pain.

  5. I know Jennifer...even if they only had a few pieces in stock and we had to order the rest, they would've made a much bigger sale. Crazy. It's online for me from now on.

    Thanks Maria. Loving your new blog BTW. xx

  6. I know recollections/Early Settler are doing the same thing at the moment - not sure if that's where you went? apparently they are taking everything of the floor and are making it all order only... def feel your pain!

    1. Really? They're doing it too? No it was another place in Paddington. I guess it's just the way of the world now. x

  7. Its very frustrating and I have had problems especially with Early Settler/Recollections. fall in love with something and it has to be ordered weeks in advance. It's a new world alright.

    Definitely imagined the very loud fail buzzer effects. Brilliant! xx

  8. I'm impressed. Great blog very interesting

  9. Argent has some nice bathroom fittings/accessories AND they have a "bargain" store in Bris where they sell overstocks, returned items, etc. at usually 50% off. We have put "Mondrian" in a 1950s "retro" styled cottage and it looks fab. Check it out:" argent/accessories/mondrian


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