Friday, 1 March 2013

Pimping out the blog

Today was fun. The Sow's Ear was photographed within an inch of its life by my newest best buddy Elizabeth.

Elizabeth who curates the very new blog called Walk among the homes visited me at home to photograph our dear little piggy. Her blog gives readers a voyeuristic peek inside some of Brisbane's more interesting homes - a virtual house tour, if you like. She's on a winning formula because I for one love reading about local homes.
Elizabeth's camera

I was thrilled and flattered when she asked us to use the Sow's Ear on her blog...Vogue Living have never been as forthcoming. Ha!

Photograph of the photographer photographing
It's funny when someone new comes to the Sow's Ear and sees it for the first time. What we take for granted, in terms of the heritage features or even day-to-day living, is viewed with a great deal of appreciation and enthusiasm. It makes you feel good, particularly when you're constantly renovating.

The Sunroom.
I found a new mustard tablecloth yesterday at the op-shop. And a new green art glass vase.
Elizabeth's shots looked great and you could barely see the layer of dust on all the furniture! I'm not sure when the blog post will be up but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

Another interesting thing which occurred recently was a journalist from The Australian newspaper interviewed me for a story about blogging our Queenslander house renovation progress - it's supposed to be published tomorrow. Yikes! I'm a bit nervous and I'm crossing my stubby fingers that my quotes come out sounding worldly and sage, as opposed to dumb and vacuous. What have I done??? If there is a link to the article, I'll post it for your amusement.

One final thing, I'm thinking of self-nominating for Best Australian Blog 2013... again. None of you slack asses have ever nominated me...Go on give me a break this year.


  1. Vogue don't know what they're missing out on!
    Gosh I love your chandelier.

  2. Wow-can't wait to read both! Well done you!!!

  3. wow, cool stuff darl. looking forward to seeing it.

    and yes, i am SUCH a slack arse. go on, do it!!

    : )

  4. "Fun and VJs" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  5. You're going to be so famous that you'll have to wear sunglasses and a floppy hat wherever you go! Seriously, congratulations! You and Jason have put so much time and effort and love into your home that you deserve the recognition.

  6. I can't wait to see the posts, and please definitely post a link to the newspaper article.. Not that I can ever imagine you sounding vacuous! It's great to see your own space through someone else eyes, especially when you've worked so hard on it as you guys have. xx

  7. I will vote for you!!!! Looking forward to seeing the article and thanks for the mention, hope I was included and also sounded intelligent, ha. xx

  8. Looking reward to seeing and reading it all, congrats to you both and big kiss to the Sow!

  9. Ha soo funny! Will love to read all about it, I'm sure the article and the bloggy tour will be great. We were interviewed for a well known mag years ago and if the journo hadn't taped the interview I wouldn't have believed those words had come out of my mouth. They do have a certain knack for twisting words around to make it all sound a bit weird.

  10. I just assumed you'd won Australia's Best Blog!

    I've also been waiting for Vogue to call. Waiting. Waiting. Crying. Waiting.

    I will check out Elizabeth's blog, as I was only recently pondering why there didn't seem to be anyone in Australia who blogged about average families homes.

    Good for you lady!

  11. Ooh, can't wait to read Elizabeth's post. And I must get a copy of The Australian - how exciting! xx

  12. You have bigger fish to fry with your renos now. Get the good gear when you do the big bathroom reno. I skimped on a couple of things in the kitchen which I've always regretted but it was long term. Sometimes it's hard to keep the reno mojo alive and kicking!

  13. your place looks great! a good mustard tablecloth!! will def check out both articles!
    well done you x

  14. I've just found your blog (I'm a bit slow) I'm loving it all,love the chandelier! Congrats on all the exciting stuff happening too - Jen.

  15. I would love to nominate you if only I knew how. I will definitely vote for you once you show me how to do that.


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