Saturday, 30 March 2013

Lovely Queenslander home details and ideas

Today we visited some friends who own a lovely circa 1930s Queenslander home in Brisbane suburbia.  It is a very beautiful house which has been renovated substantially for modern-day living.  We love poking around other people's homes for ideas and inspiration.

This front gable has been extended forward to provide a more open and spacious entrance.
It makes it warm and welcoming as you ascend the stairs into the home and is like another room.
Although there were substantial changes to the home, the many quaint architectural elements characteristic of the typical Queenslander home had been retained. Nothing screams Queenslander more than the decoratively carved breezeways and archways dotted throughout the home.

I've not seen this style breezeway in real life. It is called the lotus breezeway pattern and is truly exquisite. These were found above each bedroom door.

This image is of the room division arch which is quite curvaceous in design

I just had to share some of the pretty features of this home as it is always helpful to see what works in homes of this era.

Back of the home.
Horizontal slats which provide cover to a set of  external stairs and allows private access to the underneath area of the house. 
This last image is of the back of the home which has covered external stairs which allows access to the lower level. Jason and I really like this way of gaining internal access without intruding too much into the original footprint of the home.

We are contemplating something similar to our side stairs (click here) but with vertical slats. That is a project for much later down the track if we decide to build living space under the Sow's Ear...maybe...


  1. A beautiful and gracious home. The front entry is very welcoming.

  2. Noice! I love the wood panelling... we have weatherboards here in WA but they are not up high like yours. Must be tempting to stash lots of stuff underneath...

  3. Lovely! I love seeing Queenslanders that are further along for ideas! Would love to see more photos!! Love that entry!

  4. It really is all in he details, very nice home indeed!!

  5. Beautiful home, the fretwork is just lovely!

  6. I really like the back of the house with the slats around the external stairs. Very nice!


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