Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rewind Mid-century

Well, we had a very quiet weekend where we barely  lifted a finger around the Sow's Ear. So, no bathroom tile painting as we had planned, which is completely fine. Jason's been extra tired...and the weather has been awfully wet and showery that we've just mooched around this old piggy...It's good to have a break.

This post is about a cool  mid-century furniture place in Brisbane. Last week in my travels I finally stopped in to see Collette from Rewind Mid-century in Yeronga. Collete is a purveyor of restored 50s, 60s, 70s furniture and has a fabulous shed/shop which would make most mid-century aficionados weep with joy.

I've known Collette for a number of years and we bought our Parker dining suite from her back in the day when she was based on the Gold Coast. She's also re-webbed our lounge chairs and they are still going strong many years later.

Anyway, Rewind is a must see if you like your furniture cool and mod. Collette told me that a lot of her stock never makes it to the floor as she has customers on waiting lists for things like sideboards, four seater sofas and bedside tables. How interesting is that.

Check out the fabulous wares she has in her store at the moment. The 'tealy' blue Parker is just glorious.

teal Parker

FLER Tessa and timber and metal shelves

Lots of mid-century goodness to be seen 

While at Rewind, I chose a Zepel fabric as a contender to cover our old vinyl lounge chairs. The vinyl has held up well but a number of seat cushions have begun to split unceremoniously. It's time for a revamp.

Zepel fabric samples. I'm looking at the green citrus colour which is actually darker than what it looks in this image.

The new fabric will match the existing colour and has a similar faux weave to the original vinyl covers. It'll be a hard-wearing fabric which will be ideal  for our house full of kids. I love having a nice decorator project to look forward to.

P.S If you are on Facebook you can check out Rewind's page here.  And if you are in Brisbane, the shop is located at 96 School Road, Yeronga (opp the school) if you wanted to have a squizz.


  1. Some of that furniture looks gorgeous! My grandparents had a beautiful table and sideboard that was sold when they died. I was offered it (to put in mum's shed tip I was living in a house) but I was 21, at uni, and didn't see the need for a big table and sideboard. Now I would KILL for them.

  2. Looks like some lovely bits here. They remind me of the furniture at Mum and Dad's when I was growing up. Couldn't pay people to take it off your hands, now it's so collectable.
    PS your home looks really fab in the blog interview. So lovely x

  3. I love those timber and metal shelves, and thanks for mentioning Zepel fabrics, we've got some reupholstery ahead of us and that citrus colour is very nice and I like those words: "hard wearing".

  4. Cool shop, and I do like your fabric choice. Very nice write-up in Walk Among the Homes btw. xx

  5. The fabric is lovely such subtle colours,and I'm eyeing off the white planter with the Mother-in-Law's Tongues - I'd adore that!

  6. Lovely, I have the full "hammock tessa lounge suite and footstool here" it was my parents covered in a beautiful green and brown leather ... Just stunning and very very comfortable - it was purchased in the very early 70's when they first hit the market !!!

    Happy little queenslander !!!

  7. Thanks for bringing this shop to my attention Anita. I'll have to make a visit!

  8. Beautiful! Send me the planter! :)

  9. Looks like a great spot, I can see a dining table there I'd love to get my hands on and the Teal lounge is gorgeous! Love the fabric you've chosen, can't wait to see the recovered chairs x


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