Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Changing door plates and knobs

I never realised how much I took for granted my mobility until this week. Having a bad back has certainly been a painful and extremely frustrating experience. Fortunately, I am on the mend and am no longer looking like a shepherd's crook.

Anyway, my immobility has given me lots of time to ponder some of the smaller finishing off jobs that one never really gets around to when living and breathing in a home like the Sow's Ear.

One of those jobs is to replace the bathroom door knob, as it is completely different to any other door knob in the house. It has actually been quite useful as the shortest member of the family (#3 Son) has been able to reach it by jumping up and pulling the lever down. Very useful for emergency toilet excursions.

old chrome door set and handle
Needless to say the mechanism in the door set is damaged from such abuse. It's time to replace it with one that matches the door plates on the other doors.

bungalow door set with oval knob

In the sunroom and study all of our doors have the bungalow style door plate. I know that you can buy them new but I have searched for a salvaged one at our local architectural demolition place...Sadly, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It may just be easier to get it brand spanking new.

I've told Jason that we should add this job to our Easter weekend to-do list. Ha! The list is just going to get even longer if my back doesn't fix itself pronto. Poor Jason!  


  1. Sorry to hear about your back and very glad you are on the mend. Hope those boys are taking care of you and fending for themselves. Park yourself in one of the finished rooms in your house, nothing worse than lying around looking at all the jobs remaining. mel x

  2. I'm glad to hear that you're doing a bit better today. It's often amazing what a difference a little thing like a door handle makes to the whole look of the renovation.

  3. I used to have spares of these from our first house. When we bought the place there was box of odds & ends door furniture along with sheets of coloured glass!!! We left the glass there when we sold (probably could have made a bit of $$ on ebay nowadays as it was original) but I'm not sure about the box of plates. I'll check on it!

  4. Sorry about your back. The move had mine in a knot too, and I spent a couple of days lying on the heating pad before I started feeling better.

    I hope you find the door knob set you need!

  5. Uggh, having a bad back must be awful. Poor thing. And yes, Dan is well and truly loaded to the brim with jobs for Easter. His shoulder is out now too but no rest of the wicked - we have to get a kitchen and bathroom built within the next fortnight. Not sure how we're quite going to manage that right now, but anyway. Have a lovely Easter. x

  6. The Antique Lighting and Hardware shop on Windsor Rd will have what you're looking for, if you spend some time digging through the crates on crates of salvage hardware. Good luck!


  7. If you can hold off buying one for 4 weeks, I may be able to give you one of mine (look at a recent post on the blog for a picture) I think it's just what you're after. The door to our bathroom (including the door set) will be surplus to our needs. xx

  8. There'll be no bunny hopping for you, Mrs!We replaced all of ours when we moved in with very modern minimal levers as they were easier with the children. We put up with dodgy ones for a while until one day when the bedroom door blew shut and the whole mechanism jammed up leaving two small infant boys on the other side. There are still some that don't match now. I fear I am giving up on the farmhouse ever reaching completion.

  9. The place on Windsor road most definitely has these. As was mentioned previously you'll just need to have a dig around. If you haven't been to this shop before then you must go ! I'm sure you will be amazed. Best shop in town for renovators of old qld houses LOL

  10. Eeek bad backs are the pits. Hope you recover soon xx


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