Sunday, 3 March 2013

Same mother, same father and The Australian article

The other week in my travels I found a sweet light fitting that would work in the Sow's Ear's bathroom. It was also remarkably similar to the vintage Murano chandelier that we have in the sunroom/dining room...hence the same mother, same father analogy...

It wasn't terribly expensive and was a  DIY light that would slip onto the existing bayonet fitting.  A full blown chandelier in there wouldn't have suited the space as the ceiling is not high enough. This compact chandy works well and is just a bit of fun bling.

DIY chandelier fitting means no electrician needed. Yay.

Bling in the bathroom

Also, thanks so much for the nice comments from my last post. That article in The Australian was published yesterday and thankfully I don't sound like a complete idiot! There is a link here but unfortunately only subscribers can access the full article...

Screen shot image. Link to article from here

Although when I searched for the article on Google, I could access the full article...and I'm too much of a cheap-arse to subscribe. Go figure. I typed in Fun and VJs and scrolled down to the second page where I found the article link called Before and after: a digital journey. You might be lucky too.

Happy Little Queenslander which was also featured in the article wrote a blog post which contains the article Here. Just click on her article images to read the article. It's very small type though.

Anyway, we're chuffed. It's really cool to be in The Australian. Who'd have thought?


  1. Thanks Anita, yes we struggled with it too... we didnt want to pay for the article either so bought and took some pics !! I sent it to friends in the States so the only way I could transport was via half snapped pics ...

    If the readers have a smart phone or Ipad it makes it easier to zoom in, otherwise just click on the pics Blog readers and hopefully u can strain ur eyes to read the small print :)

    We are very lucky to be famous for 5 min lol

  2. Read the article after buying the paper on the way home from work yesterday, you indeed sound like the uber professional house restorers that you are. Congrats on the old girl making the papers. Nice bathroom bling, when are you painting those god awful tiles? mel x

  3. Ha! So harsh Mel! We will probably paint the tiles. We're just waiting for better weather. This rain is not conducive to painting. xx

    hey Lena, we are very famous now! You sounded great in the article. xx

  4. Thanks for the link to your friends post so i could enjoy the article Anita. It's certainly something to keep to show the grand kids one day!

  5. Congratulations on the article!
    Loving the bathroom bling too. Well done!

  6. The article is great! Congratulations! I love the bathroom bling too.

    I just Googled the name of the blog and the name of the article, and it came right up.

  7. Congratulations-great article!

    Love the light too!

    I can see some sun peeking through this morning-would love to get onto some outside jobs!

  8. Very cool! I'm straight from here to the second page of Google!

  9. Great article. Makes me wish we had a QLD'er to renovate. Took me a couple of reads to realise who 'A. Lewis' was though. LOL
    The new bling in the bathroom is a great touch.

  10. So happy for you Anita! It's exciting and deserved! In response to your previous comments on deserve that too. I'm so new to this that I never knew there was such a thing. I'm sure one will come your way

  11. I do love a nice chandelier! We used to have one when I was a kid, but you just don't seem them these days.

  12. Well I am not as talented and can't get that article to pop up! Would like to read it. How about scanning it in for us?

  13. found it easy enough....great article....great bathroom that your famous can you stop the rain?...please!.
    Allison x

  14. Anita ... i managed to transfer the online article onto "Happy Little Queenslander Blog" just copy and paste onto your blog and it should come up ok :)It is now in really large font !!!


  15. Just read above comment :) t.u. yes i think we both did well as first time big league Blog Stars in the Australian now LOL' well u have taught me tones on blogging... now im just putting into practice !!!

    Still must put a Blog page on Fun & VJ's on our Blog !! My Inspiration :)

    If I can ever get through these bleeping exams and assignments !! soooooooooo tired !!

    Over and out @ the Happy Little Queenslander

  16. That chandy looks suspiously like (ha) the el-cheapo one that we bought from a certain large hardware store in a moment of weakness,(which is still sitting inside the bathroom cupboard) Love the dining room one best. I'm off to find your article.


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