Thursday, 14 March 2013

First coat of white tile paint...

Okay, the first coat of tile paint is on a section of the bathroom walls.

And it's not bad. The tile paint is oil based, so it is a stickier consistency than the water based primer. I stirred the paint really well and then proceeded to brush it on to the primed walls.

Sadly, my painting technique leaves a lot to be desired. I don't have Jason's quasi Master Painter skills which he has acquired over the past three years. Ha! Should've helped him more...

I was probably a bit heavy handed with the amount of paint used, as drips were developing thick and fast. Luckily I spotted most of the drips as I was moving along the wall - they were easily brushed out.

The finish is glossy and tacky to start off with. After about two hours the paint is touch dry and has a very glossy finish. It needs to dry for at least six hours before you can apply the second coat.

Newly painted bathroom tiles. It's not bad and I'm pleased with the results so far.

It also requires a light sand before the second coat goes on; that job will be on the cards tomorrow morning.

I think we are on a winner with this tile paint. We'll have to do the rest of the walls which will be tedious, but at least the results are looking very promising.

First coat of white tile paint. The border tile is goneski!

The bathroom appears to be seamless, with the standard white tile paint going nicely with the new vivid white walls. The magic of paint.

P.S Someone on my Instagram feed asked whether the paint could be used on floor tiles. The answer is no as the product information says it's not recommended for floor tiles or benchtops.


  1. I love "gone ski"! Isn't there some very important report called the Goneski Report. Makes it sound just like it is ... well gone really. Anyhoo, tiles have come up a treat. My advice is to not do them too well otherwise you might find yourself with loads more painting work around the house. Tactics you know.

  2. Ha! Don't think that didn't cross my mind Martha! lol. Just waiting for Jason to come home and tut-tut my efforts. xx

  3. Looks promising! Good job on the painting. I'm looking at painting over Easter, kind of hoping L helps/takes over....

  4. I've often wondered if it would work. Looks excelent!!!

  5. It looks great,I'm impressed they're so glossy!

  6. Wow what a difference it makes already Anita! By the way....well done with getting your blog up to sponsorship stage! All your hard work is paying off! Maria

  7. Do the instructions say anything about using a roller with the paint?
    Would that give you a better finish without the hassle of drips?

    You can get packs of mini, disposable rollers at Bunnings if that's a suitable alternative

  8. Looks great!
    By the way, we used it on our floor tiles, a couple of years ago, and it was still looking great when we moved out!

  9. Looking good! How nice is that white grout too!

  10. Wow, what a transformation already just to ditch that awful beige. so glad I kept harping on about it now. And good to know there is an option for the hideous shower in the granny flat. mel x

  11. It'll be good to see how it turns out after the second coat now.


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