Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tile painting kind of weekend

Painting the bathroom tiles has been the big ticket job of the weekend.

I delegated the rest of the bathroom painting to Jason. He's not as slap dash as me and is fairly meticulous with his brush strokes. The entire bathroom has now been scrubbed; primed; holes and missing grout 'sikaflexed'; and the first coat of tile paint applied.

It looks bloody fantastic. If we had known that the tile painting was going to be this effective we would've done it a lot sooner. It is just unbelievable what a difference it has made so far and we still haven't done the second coat.

Here are some photos of the work in progress from our productive weekend.

The old tiles being painted with primer. Jason in designer painting shorts. The crappiness of the toilet  cistern is heightened by its white surrounds

The painted tiles have a glossy sheen

And all-white bathroom 

We are so glad we took the plunge to paint the tiles. Hopefully we can have it all finished by next weekend. 


  1. I told you so! They look great.

  2. It really does look particularly spectacular. Maybe a new cistern for Easter?

  3. Wow! Looks amazing! Well done.
    It's never ending-you fix one thing and then you have to do the next.

  4. I replaced our crappy ('scuse the pun) beige plastic cistern with a el-cheapo ceramic one from Masters, I think it cost $80, and it was easy to install, and came with a new white seat and flashing. It's made a big difference.

    1. Thanks for that Ross. I'll check out masters and try to convince Jason to DIY the cistern. X

  5. Looks fantastic. You will love it everytime you walk in there!

  6. It does look good. Especially with the lime tape!

  7. It's looking great. If I had tiles I'd paint them too!

  8. OMG...I never would have dreamed that tile paint could look so good. It's like a new bathroom! Amazing...


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