Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hidden storage

There's a lot to be said for storage in an older Queenslander home. It is one of my major issues with this house because where do you put your stuff? There is only so much that can fit under the bed.

Well, this is where our secret wall cupboards come in handy. An excellent solution for storage-poor families such as ourselves.

Storage via hidden VJ wall cupboards

The cabinetmaker suggested we use the space above our kitchen cabinets. We planned on just having a false VJ bulkhead anyway, so why not use that wasted area for our storage needs. And why not indeed!

The cabinets being installed during the kitchen renovation

Practical storage

They used MDF VJ board for the doors which we have painted crisp white. There are no handles because they toggle open and close. It is probably as seamless as they can be for doors. We store our luggage, board games and all the stuff we don't need on a daily basis in this area.

With our ceilings being so very high (3m) and me being of middling height, I am now on the look-out for a taller step ladder so I can reach the very top shelf.


  1. What a clever cabinet maker you had. You can never never never have too much storage. Ikea makes little two step wooden ladders you assemble yourself, you could paint them. xoxo

  2. These are very useful indeed, but you surely need ladders...

  3. Great Idea. I have high cupboards in my kitchen not as stylish as yours. Our kitchen is part original kitchen and these high cupboards would be from the 1950's. I use a small aluminium ladder as it folds up neatly, is light and the kids can use it without me having a heart attack and without me having to assist, cheers Katherine

  4. Can never have enough storage! Great idea!


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