Monday, 21 December 2009

My Lychee Tree House

Sorry to Jane from My Pear Tree House for my take on her blog title.

A mystery was solved for us here at the Sow's Ear. For seven months I have been wondering what that tree (click to see picture) in our front yard was. It is almost as tall as our house and the boys use it as their climbing tree. It's been dubbed the "Thinking Tree"  - a place where they can ponder their childhood woes.

'Mum! Look! We found these nut things," Number 2 son bellowed from his haven.

"Look! There's lots of nuts."

Lychees from our tree

When I went to investigate further, I noticed the red rough outer-shell and glossy dark seed of lychee fruit scattered on the grass beneath the tree. Looking skyward, I saw the lychees dangling from their branches. Fancy that! We have a lychee tree and a fairly mature one too (who knew they grew so tall?). I don't think I'd ever seen one before. 

Lychee fruit

I tasted one and it was sweet. I love fresh lychees. I don't know how many we will get to sample - there is stiff competition from the lorikeets and the fruit bats - but at least the mystery is solved.


  1. You lucky possum you! I looooove lychees too. Have to content myself with imports from La Réunion!
    Looking forward to a picture of the sardonic Angel ;-)

  2. What a great surprise! I must confess that I have never eaten lychee... is it good?

    I would like to thank your for your lovely comments on my blog this year! I wish you a wonderful Christmas! xoxo, Monika

  3. What a wonderful tree to have in your garden. There's no chance of growing them here in Ireland, but they are forever associated with Caribbean sun in my mind.

  4. Well you are doing better than me as my pear trees are ornamental and have no pears. Bet the possums will like them too. xoxo

  5. What a great treat. I love lychees, but bet there is a huge difference between the canned ones I've had and one fresh off the tree. Yum! xx


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