Saturday, 19 December 2009

Slave labour

A load of sand to fill up the sandpit was delivered today. I had been meaning to organise it ages ago because the sandpit was pathetically low and a tad weedy. It really needed some fresh white sand.

The sandpit is next to the cubby house which was unexpectedly here when we moved in seven months ago.  It was one of the exclusions on the house contract.

It's like a miniature of the Sow's Ear. The previous owner had made it with his sons from remnants of other houses they had owned. Very sentimental, isn't it?

Queenslander cubby house on concrete stumps

But it was too hard to move so they left it behind. Now we have two houses.

Anyway back to the sand, we only have one wheelbarrow and one shovel. But we did have an extra pair of hands because Number 1 son had a school friend over for a play date.

Three little slaves with buckets and a big slave with a wheel barrow. Yes!

clockwise from top: Number 2 son, Number 1 son and the "son for hire"

Big slave (Jason) in lairy shorts shovelling the last remains of the sand pile

A fullish sandpit

Son for hire's Dad made us the sandpit cover.
 Heavy duty shade sail cloth with chain sewn around the edges to give it weight.

They did a good job.


  1. I know I should be talking about the amazing work you did in hauling allllllll that sand into the sandpit with the boys (or only the boys did it but if you were supervising in that heat it amounts to the same), but I really wanted to comment on the cubby house. COOOOOL! OUr kids have one like that but not on stilts. And we also will be leaving it here when we go ;-)

  2. ______████ _
    _____██████ _
    ____████████__________ ▌
    ___███____███_________ █
    __███_______ █_________█
    ____█______██______███_ █
    ___████_█ █__███ _█__██_▌

    I arrived here just surfing, but I think I’ll be coming back again from time to time.
    Best wishes from Italy

  3. I can't type anything as beautiful as the previous comment but I just wanted to say that I agree with Ange that the 2nd house is gorgeous! How lucky that you inherited it.

    Your son sure knows how to choose his friends doesn't he!

    Best wishes always, Natasha.


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