Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A mixed bag

There have been rain showers, on and off, for the past few weeks which means I always miss my opportunity to spray the bindi (or jojo) weeds.

You need at least 24 hours of dry weather, so that it is effective. Every time the weather is good, I am always doing something else. In the meantime, the weeds are still growing and multiplying.

Everyday, I've been hand-weeding with the little one on the front lawn. He keeps trying to run on the road while I'm distracted, so I've had to curtail  weeding duties for when he is asleep.

Bag o' weed. Homegrown organic bindi anyone?.
 The gladioli are blooming in the front yard and I've treated myself to a couple for inside the house.

You don't bring me flowers anymore, Jason.

Exterior painting has also resumed. Jason started repainting the lattice doors on the back deck landing on Sunday afternoon. It's not finished yet but I thought I'd show you anyway.

I have a feeling Jason will start the deck rails this weekend too, if the weather is good.

Repainting the lattice door. Jason also added some new brass knobs.


  1. I haven't seen gladioli in a garden in a long time; they always make me think of possums and Edna. Always nice to have some inside too. Good luck with getting rid of your weed - same problemo here I'm afraid! x

  2. Does he use a spray paint for that lattice or do it by hand? Very tricky just with a brush.

    Aren't you lucky having gladioli in your garden I was tempted by them at the fruiterer today but stupidly bought the twice as expensive lilies. Dame Edna would not be pleased.

    My favourite Dame Edna line? 'Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all you could be missing out on the joke of the century.'

  3. I love the gladiolas - I've got some in the garden that are slowly emerging but am too much of a stinge to pick them!

  4. I have the same colour Gladies, I always pick them as mine get blown over by the wind. They look great on your dining table, cheers katherine

  5. How hot is it today?

    Why does your house always look so lovely and clean?

    You're fabulous Brismod! I love how your gladioli stems bring out the green in your chairs.

  6. Jo, I've been reliably informed by a weed expert that my Bindi is actually Jojo...who knew you and Bindi Irwin had so much in common?
    Jane, he uses a brush and it is a tedious job. Love the Dame Edna quote too.
    MMmC - Raoul the pool boy is fabulous with a feather duster. Yeah. Who am I kidding? Just creative camera angles.

  7. Mr M is very pleased with your hand weeding efforts! And I love the gladdies.

  8. I am not worthy! I am not worthy! Ha, mentioned in the same sentence as The Blessed Virgin Bindy!!

  9. Love your bag o weed and subtle hints to Jason... Do you think it will work? Maybe it is a good thing you treated yourself with the lovely gladioli! Back lattice doors are looking good too. ;-)

  10. Jenny, my subtle hints failed miserably. He just came home with some brass cabin hooks. Boo!

  11. I was doing a bag of weeds a day from our footpath. I did it for about a fortnight and then gave up.

  12. Oh dear - watch that little rascal of yours. The weeds can wait for another day. Love the gladies:)

  13. I've tagged you for a little game if you are keen...

  14. Those gladioli are fab! enjoy your summer down under :-)


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