Sunday, 24 October 2010

Weekend jobs and leadlight French doors

We've been trying to make the most of the weekends to do work around the Sow's Ear and garden.

Yesterday morning and this morning, the mulch from the tree stump grinding was spread throughout the various garden beds in the backyard. But there's still a lot left over. Next weekend we'll do the front yard.

#3 Son watching the weeding take place.

Shirtless Jason shoveling mulch to spread onto the garden beds 

After the yard work, the leadlight French doors which lead out from the kitchen onto the deck were stripped back. There didn't seem to be many layers of paint and with the help of a heat gun the paint just peeled off.

Using the heat gun to strip the paint. (Oh dear. An occupational health and  safety officer, Jason is not.)

It was a laborious job, but Jason seemed happy enough to do it. He wanted to see how it would look with an au naturel oil finish. My preference is a simple white gloss finish.

Painting an oil finish on the French doors

The doors looked like they had a really bad fake tan. They will be painted white gloss instead. At least we won't die curious...

Also, it seems I have unwittingly propelled Jason and Mr Rooney, our debonair builder, to superstar status via this blog. I've been inundated with email questions regarding Mr Rooney (actually just one enquiry, but that's better than none, right?).  And Jason, well...without him there is no blog.

Anyway, they think chicks dig them. Now they've developed a bit of a strut when they're out and about. It's very funny.

I stumbled upon this hilarious The Flight of the Conchords music clip, so I thought I'd dedicate this song to Jason and Mr Rooney - legends in their own minds. It should be their anthem.

You know what I'm sayin', baby.


  1. I would play that clip, but everyone thinks I'm researching on the computer. So I can't.

    I like Mr Rooney's intelligent comments. I like how Jason's always head down, stuck into it.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. That was a great song, Bris! Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Flippin' hilarious. Now, I think Jason needs to up the ante with the ties...that last one didn't quite cut the mustard for me if he's going to live up to his superstar status...although I suspect he's streets ahead of Mr Rooney!

  4. Oh I love the new bloggy celebrities...they could be branching out soon, with their own bloggys. Great song... hubby and I had a chuckle. A-M xx

  5. I see no. 3 son is wearing a t-shirt - clearly not susceptible to parental influence. What's Mr Rooney's favourite colour and does he prefer wine or beer?

  6. great clip. i like the t shirt with the buck and full moon. hilarious.
    LOVE watching men at work....

  7. I so know what you mean about the guys getting a bit of a head swell over the comments - Lyn LOVES it when he gets comments, even if he wont admit it!
    That film clip is great! Love a bit of kiwi humour.
    ps why didn't I use a heat gun when I did my nightmare windows????

  8. Mise - I'm not sure about Mr Rooney's predilections.
    Sarah, does Lyn tell you that the woman want him too? And yes, the heat gun works a treat around those fiddly areas.

  9. Aw. Fair suck of the sauce bottle, Brismod!

    I haven’t been this viral since the wart episode ;)

    As for ties, well once I smoked a Danneman cigar, drove a foreign car, but baby that was years ago............

    Mr Rooney

  10. Please let Jason know that even rock stars need sunscreen and that his fans are concerned for the emotional and physical health of his skin.

  11. Mr Rooney, you have to admit the clip was funny...

    Deb, I will pass this on. He'd never want to let his fans down. He's usually pretty good with sunscreen but then he gets too hot, takes his shirt off and forgets about putting more on. Good reminder for him. xx

  12. Quash this before it gets out of hand. MOTH got one favourable comment once & the next thing I found him at the computer on Blogger's Home Page trying to set up his own Blog! No way Jose!!
    Millie ^_^


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