Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Small world and Faux Fuchsia sighting

Six degrees of separation exists in Brisbane - it's just like a country town. Everyone seems to know everyone and if you don't, there is often some sort of connection.

For example:

Mr Rooney, our thrifty builder, is related by marriage to the glamorous Katherine from theoldboathouse. (Mr Rooney's sister is married to Katherine's brother, I think.)

They've been commenting on this blog under their pseudonyms not realising the connection they shared. Mr Rooney made the discovery last week when their niece started a blog, which only has two readers.

When Mr Rooney enquired about the other follower, his niece said it was Aunty Kath from the oldboathouse. And then the penny dropped.

Image from here

Isn't that a classic? A reminder of what a small world we live in.

Speaking of small worlds, Jason also emailed me to say that he had had a Faux Fuchsia sighting while he was on his lunch break in the City, yesterday.

Yes, you heard me. The real Faux - Brisbane's most famous blogger who endorses good grooming and well manicured fingernails.

Jason is a huge fan. He advocates the same things. He likes to think of himself as a fashionisto.

Anyway, stylish FF is an enigma in this town - you never see her face (she's like the Stig), just her lovely frocks, hair and nail polish. Imagine my surprise when Jason sent me this email:

Just thought you’d like to know…. I saw Faux & Mr FF walking down the mall today. She in leopard skin dress, he in sober suit teamed with gaudy* tie - I’m sure it was them...

My reply:

Oh wow! Did you stop to get their autograph? Or did they stop to get yours?

His response:

I doubt they’d have recognised me with my shirt on.

Aahh yes, he's a one-joke wonder, our shirtless Jason. It must have been a slow work day too.  I thought that was highly amusing and suggested he do a Clark Kent (i.e find a phone box and change into his painting shorts) next time he sees them.

But I do wonder if it was really them he saw...

*For the record, I like interesting ties. Jason likes restraint in his work attire, so any pattern other than a stripe is considered flamboyant. He asks himself before he buys work clothes, "Would James Bond wear this?" 


  1. Post of the week so far! Beginnings of a spy novel perhaps??

  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha .. that is hilarious. We're all walking around sighting each other and hiding behind things! I've met the lovely FF. She came to my house and even baked me a cake. I will never get over her baking me a cake.. and passionfruit too. Glamour, etiquette, sincerity and elegance.. right down to her cakes. A-M xx

  3. How funny! Brisbane is a very small town indeed! I wonder if I'd recognise any blog people if I saw them in real life?

    Probably not. Sometimes I worry people may recognise my children. Actually, I don't think many people in Brisbane read mine ... so they probably wouldn't.

    Though, I got so excited when I met Katherine at her house once. It's nice to put a face to a blog.

    Now I'm rambling again. Dizzy after doing the 'Hokey Pokey' on Playschool.

  4. It really is a small world here in Brissie and it looks like it is getting smaller every day thanks to blogging! Makes me wonder if our hubbies might bump into each other every lunch time in the city too! They should look out for each other. They will no doubt be wearing their favourite R&B shirts and fabulous ties!

    Best wishes,

  5. Too funny! But after all, Brisvegas is a very small town really, so it stands to reason there will be the odd sighting of bloggers in their natural habitat. It just takes those of us with super-sleuth skills, like your Mr, to spot them! K xx

  6. What a laugh! Isn't it amazing how we can all be linked without even knowing. I loved Jasons response... lol! You will have to watch to see if Faux does a post today and includes what she was wearing? ;-)

  7. Hilarious. I can't believe your Jason has the ability to describe outfits. It's unheard of in our house. Love it!

  8. Would love to visit someday. Sounds like a cool town.

  9. We live in a really tiny world :-)

  10. Ha!!!

    My friend Margie just emailed me to let me know about this mention.

    I did wear leopard print yesterday!!! I did meet Mr FF for lunch but am wracking my brains to try to remember his tie...I don't think it was gaudy...but I can't really remember what it was. The suit was navy. I remember that. We went to Borders to look at books....

    A few people have mentioned on my blog that there must be one or two or a few Brisbane blogs. I think there'd be hundreds.

    Glad your husband didn't see me today- I have the flu and went to work without makeup, without doing my hair, looking like Death Warmed up etc etc you get the picture.

  11. I've linked this to my blog. You can cross ref yesterday's frock with Jason's insights!

  12. That's what I love about Brisbane ... and its good people.

  13. So, it was true! FF, I just read your post and the mention of the eagle-eyed civilian. Too funny. xx

  14. Ha! Love the reference to the Stig!

  15. hello,

    had to come by for a visit since i do as i was told. loved your story about the ff sighting. how exciting! i live in southern california and i'd rather spot her than any dumb actor. one day i will meet her. one day.


    ps ~ lovely blog you have here!

  16. now this is too good. flipping hilarious!!

    'wouldnt have recognised me with my shirt on'

    you guys crack me up. love it! jxx

  17. Well you all are having quite the party over here:). I want a cake, where's the signup sheet?

  18. hah! too funny - its a bit like where's waldo (except infinitely more stylish). I found your blog through FF's blog.

  19. Ah, I enjoyed this. Whenever I read the words 'Mr Rooney' here I imagine a tall dark Jane Austen hero who walks in and sorts everything out. And now Jason as James Bond will join my merry mental otherworld.

  20. Mise, Mr Rooney is very tall and slender, born into a military family. A Jane Austen hero he could be. And Jason wanted me to clarify that he models himself on the Daniel Craig Bond and not the Roger Moore Bond.

  21. It is a small world. I am commenting on a blog post in which my commenting is commented on. Ha.

  22. Hi Kath, funny huh?

    Although I have the body of a Greek God and the visage of a Matinee idol, I'm not half as handsome as any of Kath's brothers.

    I was in the same trade class of one of Kath's brothers, who I can tell you, was the most awesome woodworker that God ever shovelled guts into.

    Kath's dad taught me how to effortlessly remove star pickets. He was a remarkable bloke.

    If you get to be any good at something it is because some people show you the way while others give you something to aim for.

    Love to your Mum too, Kath


    Mr Rooney

  23. funniest thing ive read all day. its morning here, but still :)
    ~laura x

  24. Oh, Mr heart's a-flutter ! Your self description leaves me breathless, as I'm sure it does the other fair ladies reading it.


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