Sunday, 31 October 2010

Visiting the dead

It's Halloween today. We don't really celebrate it, athough I'm partial to the odd ghoulish story.

I've been trying to do a little research on the original owners of the Sow's Ear  - the Stables family. It was owned by two sisters and their bachelor brother. I've written a little about it here and here

They seem to be an interesting bunch, particularly paranormal Zoila who used to have out of body experiences. Spooky, huh?

Recently, I found a death notice on the National Library of Australia newspaper records for the patriach of the Stables family - William Cordukes Stables. He was buried at Mount Thompson Crematorium in 1935. It appears he also lived in the same street as his children.

funeral notice for William Cordukes Stables from The Courier Mail 1/08/35

This morning, I went to the Crematorium to pay him a visit. I'm good like that. Actually, I thought that I would be able to find out whether the rest of the Stables were buried there too. 

Unfortunately, the crematorium office was closed today, so I couldn't view their records or obtain a map of where to find the plaque. 

It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack...but for some unexplained reason, a strong force lead me to the West Chapel of the gardens. 

Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens - courtyard

I entered a small courtyard to the right of the chapel and was instantly drawn to a simple fountain.

And, remarkably, I found William's plaque. It is quite a large ornate plaque which indicates to me that he was perhaps a man of some wealth. 

Sadly, there were no other plaques for the Stables family surrounding him, which was the main purpose for my visit.

I will have to wait for the Office to re-open to see if the rest of the family are in fact there. However, some sixth sense tells me that they are not...


  1. Visiting the dead is quite normal, Bris - it's when they visit you that things get a bit out of hand...

  2. Wow that is amazing that you just stumbled upon it. I wonder if Births Deaths and Marriages is online yet maybe you can search for them that way.

    Here's hoping they are not in fact buried under the Gimp Room.

  3. Oh that is all a bit freaky... Why were you drawn in that direction? Also, your first photo looks like it has an aura to it. I know it is probably just the sun, but still.... do, do, do, do.... I love the way you research everything - such detail! ;-)

  4. Ha, ha, ha, ... under the Gimp Room.... good one Jane! Seriously spooky that you were drawn to him. Family falling out perhaps? Why would they not be near him? I am intrigued. A-M xx

  5. A-M, I know. There's a story in this, I'm sure of it.
    Jane, you are funny but you are also very clever. Why didn't I think of Births, Deaths and Marriages? Qld is online for historical searches and I found more information last night. Thanks!

  6. I didn't realise people were cremated back then; in Australia that is. I like this story so far! x

  7. How fascinating. I'd love to find out more about the residents of my house too.

  8. The epitaph on the plaque is another ‘Sows Ear mystery’

    “In the whole of the universe there is no such thing as death”

    Where’s that from? I can’t find it as a quote from anywhere. Have I looked hard enough?

    If the Stable’s made it up themselves, we can deduce that they were both deeply in denial and also woefully ignorant of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


    Tony R.

  9. Mr Rooney, isn't that quote strange for that era and in Brisbane? They are a mysterious lot.


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