Saturday, 2 October 2010

Brasso and painting in the dark

Jason loves brass. He loves it so much that he is happily prepared to polish it (between you and me, he's probably sniffing the Brasso when I'm not looking).

polishing the brass door knobs

With today's rainy weather restricting his activities, Jason decided to polish the old door knobs and escutcheons on some of the French doors. They do look better when given loving attention.

I told Jason that brass was coming back into fashion according to the Design Blogs. He scoffed and stated, "It never went out of fashion!"

He's clearly a denialist.

And as I am typing this blog post, Jason is undercoating the French doors and some VJ (vertical join) board in the sun room in the dark.

Painting in the dark.
These VJ boards replaced an obsolete window which opened from the kitchen to the sun room.

The only light fitting in the room is busted and time ran out to paint in daylight hours. It is impossible to paint with two-year old son # 3 awake, because we can't close off the room...and I didn't fancy taking him on a three hour walk in the rain.

It should be interesting to see what Jason's efforts look like in the day time!


  1. Oh, for a man who loves to brasso!!

  2. You know, Jason is starting to make me laugh!

    Call me an old journalist, but I love a three-word intro! "Jason loves Brass." ... And then there's "Jason decided ..." and "I told Jason ... "

    What a Dear he is. You only ever see him slaving away!

  3. I wanna see photos of the room painted in the dark. I've done it lots and the results prove to be interesting and varied ;-)
    You'll know he's been sniffing the brasso if the paint's gone on to the VJs horizontally...

  4. Escutcheons. This word is new for me. I like! Have I been living under a rock to not have this word in my vernacular?
    When my lovely son was two he stepped in my white paint tray (right up to the ankles) and left trail of white foot prints on the new bamboo floors. "Look Mummy it's the Easter Bunny's foot prints".

  5. Just goes to show you can't keep a good man down....are you going to do the whole room or wait till you change the windows? I brasso my door knobs and hate to say it but they do tarnish quickly with all the grubby paws in my house but it does make me feel good after I have done them.....that's really sad isn't it? I also feel the same way after I've washed the floors too....a definite sign of middle age I'm sure.

  6. Now, isn't there something tucked away in the contract somewhere about shirt wearing?!! jane is going to be v. disappointed : )

    hope the sun shined kindly on it all come morning x

  7. He is such a trooper isn't he? Very very impressive!
    ps like Jules, I also noticed Jason is wearing a top :)

  8. If he's willing to polish . . . :)


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