Thursday, 30 September 2010

You know... have a short attention span when you start to graffiti your very dirty concrete with a high pressure hose.

Heart Jason being washed away

You know you have very dirty concrete when you can graffiti it with a high pressure hose.

Ah yes, the romance endures at the Sow's Ear.


  1. I'm not sure what's more amusing ... the fact that you're high-pressure-hosing anything and everything while you've got that contraption!

    Or, the heart-shape around Jason's name!

    I'm hoping you did that, and it wasn't Jason himself.

  2. All my own work (for a change).

  3. Aww...that is so romantic!

    I have finally caught up on your last few posts Anita! I love what you have done with the deck area. You and Jason have really done an amazing job on your home and renovations-well done!

    Enjoy the last few days of the school holidays. I wish we had another week with the kiddos-I am going to miss them next week!

    Best wishes,

  4. We all heart Jason, who works so hard! Where can we borrow a high pressure hose to write it on our own concrete?

  5. I do the same thing in snow, but somehow mine always comes out yellow.

  6. Love the fact you make a job like this look like fun. The end results are amazing though aren't they?

  7. You might need to drink some more water, Tom!

  8. HA! love the graffiti :) hey, at least it's on the outside, you know? I know it's really hard to take care of those "exterior" fixes, but once you get to it, you will be so relieved, trust me. I had an overgrown plant (massively, almost blocking my doorway) and after cutting it, it looks and feels so much better!

  9. Ha Ha, you are sooo mature. I love it!

  10. Bloody heck, hate to think what happens when the kids get a bit scruffy!!

  11. You are SUCH a romantic Anita. Is it the French heritage? ;-)
    Gotta catch up on all you've been up to.
    Life is finally slowing down
    Be on the SC in two 1/2 weeks. YAY! Bring on the Aussie sun


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