Thursday, 2 September 2010


I visited my Mum this morning.

And as you know, I always like to have a rummage around in her back room. My parents are hoarders. You never know what you find may find beneath a layer of dust.

A framed original oil painting?


A well known Australian artist, perhaps?

Well, no.

But they did have a sense of humour.

It will hang in #1 son's room because he likes the colour blue.


  1. You sound like me, I do the same at my parents house.. The painting will be great in your sons room. It can have a beach theme even if it was painted in Dalby... ;-)

  2. HAA thats great. i have a hoarder mom too

  3. That deserves exhibiting, both front and back!

  4. Love the "priceless" very funny! Hope you all have a good weekend...what's on the agenda?

  5. Thanks for having a giggle with me everyone!
    Katherine, the agenda is more gardening, hanging the eclectic!! art work, a trip into the City and of course Father's Day.

  6. That's so much fun. Artists can be so stuffy (I can say that as I work with them) so this is a breath of fresh air!

  7. now that's a cool find. do love shopping at mum's! have a great weekend darl x

  8. You'd almost want to hang it back to front, no? I would. Though it is a nice blue.

  9. You are sooo lucky - I only WISH my parents were horders! Unfortunately my mother is a constant updater and has nothing left from when we were growing up ..... dust .... I don't think so ..... nothing stays still long enough. Fantastic find! Hope you have a great weekend. Michelle


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