Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Paint thoughts...

Thanks for your feedback regarding the exterior trim colour for the Sow's Ear. All the comments were gratefully received except for the spammer spruiking water softener... 

I'm on the fence about whether we do the Dulux Peppercorn Rent trim or not. But I do like it though. The main colour of the house will definitely be white, so it is only the contrasting trim we need to worry about.

We had been thinking about charcoal black which was recommended by some readers. And Littlemissairgap (can I call you Airgap?), if only it were possible to recreate the colour of an Oreo biscuit in a paint tin? I'd buy it too.

Also, there were two dreaded words mentioned by Jenny, as a cautionary reminder - Mission BrownRemember Mission Brown? Slightly reddish brown. The colour of the 70s and 80s.

While the rest of Australia is on a mission un-brown, undoing the colour sins of the past, Jason and I paused briefly at the premixed 15 litre tin of Mission Brown in Bunnings....then quickly moved on again. Yes, it is too soon to dally with this shade of brown.

And this is the precise reason why I'm hesitating with the dark steely grey blue colours. I like them, but I fear that they will be the mission brown of the noughties and 2010s...

Just to reassure you all, Jason's spot of impromptu house painting on the weekend will be limited to the back deck, at this stage. 

The back railings need to be repainted anyway, as they are flaking, so it is an opportunity for us to sample different trim colours before painting the rest of the house. I fully expect the exterior painting to be a long drawn-out process and will let you know how we progress.


  1. Sounds wise to take your time, paint is such an enourmous task you wouldn't want to do it twice. Have a lovely week!!

  2. I didn't want to be the first to mention those dreaded words "Mission Brown". Yes let's not paint the town that colour again! I always recommend a trim colour to work with Colorbond colours. That way if you need to replace gutters or are looking are rainwater tanks or fencing, everything all works together. What about classic black? Take your time and it will all work out.

    Jennifer XX

  3. Hi Anita, your blog truly gives me a good dose of laughter! Good luck with your paint choice, I am sure it will look fabulous whatever you both choose. ;-)

  4. In some of the rural areas of Tasmania, there must have been a big run on aqua blue in the 70s or 80s. You still see a disproportionate amount of it - aqua blue, Tassie's mission brown!

  5. Yes I think if you are going brown it needs to be a very deep almost black shade. What I am about to say is not a joke: why don't you take a an Oreo biscuit to Paint Spot and ask them to match it. That is their job after all. They won't laugh. You should see the crazy things I ask them.

  6. Why don't you use all the different trim colours in different areas of the house?

    Then when you get sick of one of the colours, you merely walk to another stair railing or door step, and you have a new outlook on life!

    Someone has to set these trends ...

  7. Ugh...paint choices! So, so hard. I'm with Jane - you should take an Oreo biscuit to the paint counter. Hang in there - you're doing an amazing job with the Sow's Ear. Is it in fact still a Sow's Ear? Methinks it has a definite Silk Purse quality. Meredy xo.

  8. Poor old mission brown....you made many happy during the late 70's and early 80's...may you RIP until your triumphant return when you will no doubt be hailed as something fresh and new as if you never existed before...

  9. Our fence is STILL mision brown...is this something I should be concerned about?? lol!!
    Anyway, was just going to suggest the same as a couple of the ladies already said, to take an oreo in to a paint shop and get them to match it!


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