Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Textured bark glass

I'm starting a collection. Clear textured bark glass.

There are two open shelves in our kitchen and I've pretty much shoved whatever doesn't have a home onto them. So, I've made the decision to have more stylish shelves, which are also functional.

Yes, it is very important world-changing decision making you are witnessing here.

So far, the collection is limited to textured fruit/dessert bowls and one vase.

iittala bowls, vintage bark glass bowls and sklo vase.
It would look brilliant to have clear bark glass en masse.

The plan is to have our drinking glasses on the shelves too. However, our drink ware is actually jar ware.

Our water glasses are old Allowrie jam jars (remember those?) and Thomy mustard jars. A lot of jam and mustard was consumed to provide us with our drinking vessels.

image from here

Sophisticated we are not.

This is what I'm envisaging instead.

iittala aslak cordial glass

something Swedish
Actually, just something that didn't originally contain food would be a good start.

I'm not rushing the collection though because the search is half the fun. I know that I will stumble upon unwanted bark glass in my travels.


  1. i'm on the case...haha!! I think your plans are wonderful. you know I love your open shelves. I do think jam jars are fun though they call the early ones swanky swigs and I love that name, cheers Katherine

  2. I think jam jars are a good choice with three young boys in the house. We only have two, and I'm not planning on buying anything fancy and breakable for at least 15 years!

  3. You know ... I gave an iittala salad bowl away to Vinnies a few years ago. And I got it for my 21st! Yes! Can you believe it? Sacrilege. Cursing myself. I think you'll find these pieces quite easily. God, what was I thinking?

    Your collection will look great. Love your work.

  4. You're my Display Heroine. Even though you are moving on from jam jars.

  5. Display heroine you are, glass collector you aren't! Australia is full of good, 18th century glass (European or Brit) ! Get some of that? I can put you in touch with the right people....

  6. My kids used to love collecting the Nutella jars but none have survived. I didn't know those textured ones were called Bark Glass but thanks for the lesson - I love learning new things. Yes, I'm a nerd. x

  7. Tom, I'll keep my eyes peeled at the local Salvation Army store. I wonder if I can find a Georgian rummer in bark style for the "collection"? xx

  8. Good luck with your collection and like Thea had no idea the textured glass was called bark glass - intriguing!!

  9. If I see one, I'll let you know, Brismod!

  10. What a great idea. I've always enjoyed the look of utilitarian items being out in the open. Even better when they are simple and somehow reflect something about the owner. Certainly not life-changing to do this, but all these little things add up. And let's face it, even those of us who obsess over our homes sometimes overlook things, so, yes, your little shelf should get its day in the sun.

  11. Well that's me done - I'm now officially a vintage model! I have a set of 6 Ittalia schnaps glasses still in their original box from my marriage to That Other Husband in 1976. I hasten to add I was just 20. They have never been used & God knows why I've still got them! Should I take bids?
    Millie ^_^

  12. Those bark texture glasses are wonderful. They're still being made but cost a bomb, but they look sturdy. I see them regularly on German ebay, should I alert you if I see a listing for a set? Shipping to Oz will not be cheap, but it might be worth it if you can get the glasses at a good price.


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