Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Anna Castelli Componibili by Kartell

As promised, here is another piece of plastic fantastic I received in my friend Chris' big furniture clear out.

Vintage Kartell round up Componibili unit in yellow

A vintage Anna Castelli-Ferrieri designed cabinet on castors, made of ABS plastic in the 1970s. This bright yellow unit has sectional pieces allowing you to add to it.

Versatile sectional pieces

It is a practical piece which has been snaffled up by #1 Son for his room. It will be something he will be able to use as a tween going on to teenager years. A fun classic.

These units have been in continuous production for over 30 years and you can buy them new at Space but the colours are limited to white, black and silver. Replicas are also available.

It is a vast improvement from the old drawers #1 Son used to have, which have now gone to firewood nirvarna. Thankfully.


  1. Love the Componi-whatsits ... can never spell it.

    We have two red ones for Childs 2 & 3 ... they invariably are used for ladders ... yikes! I have to turn away and whistle something joyful.

    Your yellow one is too fabulous!!

    You have quite a collection of enviable plastic-ware! Love it! Yay for your good taste!

    ! (An extra exclamation mark for good measure)

  2. How lucky you are to have this little collectors item. The componibilis are 41 years old this year. We sell them in store, they are so popular, but I'm often asked if it is possible to find a yellow one, and of course, only if you are as lucky as you Anita!

  3. Wow what a treasure trove Chris had?! Functional & fun - and yellow! Congratulations on scoring such a cool piece.

  4. That's a super colour and it looks great against the white panelling. Instant pizazz. How does one spell pizazz?

  5. Have you heard of Eileen Gray? She was a fantastic interior designer and furniture maker from the 1920s. If you haven't, then look her up, she was wonderful - the best of the moderns.

  6. Tom, I did look her up and now I feel better informed. I assumed her iconic furniture was Le Corbusier designed. Interesting life too.

  7. I love these. My sister has a lime green one that she's had for 30 years.

  8. ooooh, good score! my sons have white ones as bedsides and they're brilliant for hiding a huge stash of stuff.

  9. ohh the yellow is so bright and happy!

  10. OK, now I've got a serious case of blogger envy! I so adored your orange tables and now I'm lusting for this marvelous cabinet. Such pretty and vibrant colors..

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