Friday, 17 September 2010

Herbs in a concrete laundry tub - update

herbs growing in a concrete laundry tub

The herbs in the concrete laundry tub are flourishing with only one casualty...basil.

The coriander and mint have taken off, the parsley has doubled in size and the sage and chili are chugging along well. 
dying basil

But the basil is having a tough time of it. Chania from Razmataz warned me that it may struggle as it likes to grow in its own pot. And did I listen? Well, I'm listening now and I'm going to give basil its own area, all to itself.

How fortunate we are that there is another concrete laundry tub lying around the garden waiting to be of service! 

I'm guessing this white one was the replacement for the original three section tub, but was decommissioned when the laundry was later updated. Or perhaps the previous owners had a penchant for laundry tubs...

double section concrete laundry tub
No prizes for guessing what we have planned this weekend.  I'm hoping the weather will be good for a spot of gardening. 

Also, if you've been following the Design Vigilantism posts, the Authentic Design Alliance has responded to our comments, clarifying their position. Read it here, if you are interested.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I didn't know that about Basil - his fussiness about whom he shares his dwelling. I love blogs ... I learn so much.

    That ADA response was quite personable.

    Brismod, if such a group got onto me, I'd take it as a compliment as to the calibre of my blog.

  2. WOw thanks...I have gone through 3 basil plants this month and I am growing it with parsley and corriander....maybe that's why it keeps dying.

  3. How interesting that the ADA found you and have gone to so much trouble to engage in the argument - they have gone up in my estimation although I still couldn't give a toss about fake versus fabulous - whether its bags or chairs.

    I do admire people who are passionate about a cause even if it is the design integrity of a chair and not world peace or child poverty! Who am I to judge!?

    Now to the important stuff like getting basil to grow and where on earth I have stashed the nail brush.... half my garden is under my nails!

  4. Love a good herb garden (we've obviously both got gardeing on the brain as I've just blogged about it too - although I wish I had some herbs like you). Have grown basil before, though, and it grows fab in a pot on a sunny windowsill. But found the coriander didn't last long.

  5. It is forecast to rain...which probably means we will get large sensitive furniture that requires moving down several flights of uncovered stairs....I was going to say this post is "outrageously interesting"...a phrase I now enjoy saying very much, thanks to the ADA ha ha. The herbs are looking fab and very interesting about your basil. The hedge is looking good too I like the sugar cane mulch. Do you have any holiday plans ?, cheers Katherine

  6. I love what you've done with your old wash tub. We too have one in our garden, which a dear old fellow stopped to tell me used to belong to his house a few streets away. I plan on adding some photos soon. Mine currently is bursting at the seams with Aloe vera and they're exceptionally happy. I have had enormous success with cherry tomatoes in the ground, so thought they're a good possibility.
    I love your blog, it's a great read, and you've got a great authentic style! Sonia

  7. That is a real progress! Have fun gardening, I hope the weather will be good! Have a nice weekend!

  8. Any basil I've grown outside has died. I grew basil in my kitchen last year and it thrived. But I am going to try the outside pot again this summer, we'll see how it goes..Rachaelxx

  9. i've got one of these old tubs sitting under my stairs. too heavy to move it with less than 3 people. its identicle to your herb tub.


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