Friday, 12 November 2010

Furtive visit

Last night we were in the kitchen talking with our financial planner, Steve, who was doing our annual review (please don't think grand thoughts - it was basically a reminder to do power of attorneys, update insurances and tut tut the state of our meagre investments, post-GFC).

A very glum affair until the door bell rang. It was 9pm. Who'd be calling in at this time?

It was our neighbour telling us he saw a man running into our yard and that this man was somewhere on our property.

Well, the financial results were flung aside.

Jason raced to the backyard with the neighbour, while mild-mannered Steve followed them and I flooded the outside area with light.

It was action central at the Sow's Ear.

Our neighbour said he saw two suspicious looking men lurking on either side of the street before one ran into our yard. He immediately called the police on his mobile phone.

While Jason and his band of followers were downstairs, I locked all the doors and windows and checked on all the children who were sound asleep in their rooms.

The search outside proved fruitless. Whoever had come into our yard must've climbed a side fence and ran off.

Our neighbour got into his car and went around the block to see if he could locate them. Within a few minutes the police had arrived. They searched the neighbours yard, had a quick look in ours and poked their heads into Boo's house (the deserted house on the other side of our place).

The intruders had scarpered off. The police did a round of the area, but there was very little they could do and that was that for the evening.

I don't think poor Steve the financial planner had experienced a more eventful client visit! It was the most animated we had ever seen him. He definitely earned his commission this quarter.

We are all a bit jumpy at the moment and double checking that all the doors and windows are locked tonight. Make sure you check yours too. xx


  1. Eeek! This is why I never go trick or treating. There is some fool on eBay who is threatening to come round to my house (eBay forces 'business' sellers to give full names and addresses) because I told him his item was a fake. What he doesn't know is that our apartment is top-floor and I am a six foot three, 14 stone, gun owner.

  2. Oh my God! That is scary stuff! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful neighbour.

    Have you guys got a dog Anita? We have had a few issues in our area lately and are thinking of getting a pound dog next year. I hear they are the best security system in the world!

    Take care and keep lots of lights on!
    PS Thanks for the birthday message. I am still celebrating..Off to my mum and dad's for curry night tomorrow-Life is good!

  3. That's a bit spooky. I'm no good when that type of thing happens, plays on my mind.
    Fantastic to know you have neighbours that care, and called the police. What great community spirit. x

  4. Well, I hope the prowler ran into that bloody concrete laundry sink; or fell in one of Rooney's post holes; or tripped over the damn jack hammer; or impaled himself on a mother-in-law's tongue.

    Maybe you should get a guard poodle.

  5. How scary! I'm pleased you are all safe and sound. xx

  6. Wow, that's serious stuff. I myself at times can be so paranoid (as we are in a corner lot) and have to re-check our locks. But better safe than sorry. Lukcy you got a vigilant neighbor. Keep safe!

  7. That is one of those things that really touches you closely. Strangers near your house is a scary thing. I imagine they were just young guys looking for something easy to steal.

    It must have been fun for the financial planner...much more so that RSP's and GIC's.

  8. As much as our dobergirl was a handful in suburbia, she soon made people think twice about coming into our yard, especially when she had her hackles up and was bouncing behind the fence like a loon. On the other hand, her brown doberboyfriend would let any old JW in. I miss my dobies :-( Dogs are the answer.

  9. I agree with the others..get an attack-poodle. You don't need those stresses.

  10. How scary for you....I'm sure they are long gone. Thank goodness for your lovely neighbour...take care Kym X

  11. Scary stuff! Hope all is well now and glad you are all safe. x

  12. glad you re safe... i got stuck on toms self description... 6'3 14 stone(whatever that is)gun owner....

  13. No need for a dog.

    Just sool number 2 onto them.

    He would just need a GBFO Mag lite and permission.


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