Thursday, 11 November 2010

20 Hopscotch casement windows are mine

All mine...Mahahaha!

I'm rubbing my hands together, heady with delight from our latest acquisition.

My new best friend, Will from Chermside, contacted us after reading the blog to say that he had 20 timber casement windows, in hopscotch profile, that were spare. He asked whether we, or anyone we know, would like to buy them. They were priced attractively.

After consulting with Jason and Mr Rooney, our toned and spritely builder, about measurements and other technicalities, it was a deal. We took the lot.

Hopscotch profile casement windows with clear arctic glass being delivered

The casement window stockpile

Will said he had no need for the windows now that he and his wife had just sold their lovely 1936 Queenslander. He wanted the windows to go to someone who was a keen renovator and contacted us before he advertised them.

Anyway, he's done us a great favour, because a bulk lot of the same windows don't come up for sale all too often. Many thanks to Will!

Mr Rooney kindly picked up the windows on our behalf. He is a good man, but you knew that already. And very well-read too I might add (read his book reviews in the comments here).

The windows are now destined for the sunroom to replace the bay of clear single light windows that are there currently.

Sunroom photo taken a few months ago 

Mr Rooney said he will need to plane the windows and rebate them and assured me in an exaggerated Continental accent, "They'll be verrey niiiice!"

He also said in the very next breath that it would be a pain-in-the-arse too, as that is the nature of fitting windows. I'm sure Jason vividly remembers his experience.

For those in Brisbane, Will is having a bit of a clear out sale now that he is moving.  Follow the link HERE to his Gumtree ad. He's selling an old Wilson Boiler, bulk lot of brass window stays and other bits and pieces.

And thanks again, Will!!

The lovely Katrina Chambers has also given some blog-love to Fun and VJs on her blog. Katrina was the guru behind our "new look". She is a a very talented blog designer, so check her site out if you need a new look for your blog or business.


  1. Oh you are so lucky. All from the same house. You could have waited years and years for that. Ask Mr Rooney if he found Ullysses boring. I did.

  2. Congratulations on the windows acquistion. Heady stuff alright! What a good bloke Will is, and thoughtful too. Between the Nuns and Will you're having a fortuitous year. Good for you!

  3. nice work, that's a lovely find and 20! top stuff.

  4. What a great find that found you! They will look fab and how wonderful that you get to have Mr Rooney around again!!

  5. That is absolutely sensational!!!! Don't you just love it when something like that happens? Bloody terrific. Wish someone had ofered me some 80cm tassie floorboards they had left over...
    But them's the breaks lol

  6. That's fabulous! And they'll look fantastic when they're installed!

    When your house is finished are you going to have a huge party and invite all the people who've somehow contributed? Mr Rooney, Will, a (collective noun) of nuns, Old Boathouse Katherine, your chair supplier Chris ... it'd be great! A real Who's Who!

  7. Ooh ... I think I could have sold you some to match the green glass ones you have. We have 10 of them with no cracks.

  8. Jane.

    James Joyce had eye problems. It is bloody obvious to me what caused it.

    I never finished Ulysses. I view anyone who has, with extreme suspicion.

  9. What a great purchase! Isn't blogland great! Yes, I can imagine they will be amega pain in the butt to install, but it will be worth it in the end, just make use the fridge is well stocked with beer/wine :)

  10. What a great haul - I needed about 3 of those about 2 months ago. Hence the whole door and window re-shuffle we did. Nice pickup and they will look fantastic in your sun room. I need a lesson on window glass and putty replacement techniques - Any suggestions? We want to replace the mottled glass with clear. Good luck with it all and I look forward to the photos. ;-)

  11. Good pick up on the windows and the extra bonus of more Mr Rooney. He is becoming quite the blog star indeed. I wonder if Mr Rooney would consider a guest post one day?

  12. Anita, have you been keeping things from me? Mr Rooney seems to have a blog, his very own blog. Is that right? Lovely windows too, she said politely - so important to display Manners but then return straight away to the important subject of Mr Rooney.

  13. By the way, I wonder whether Mr Rooney has a secret sensitive side and enjoys Edith Wharton's books? Oeuvres, I mean oeuvres.

  14. They will be perfect. I LOVE that you restore this home and love it's history.

  15. Edith Wharton?

    Nup you got me!

    Never heard of her. Had to google it.

    Check out the first photo in the wiki article. She is a dead spit for Cory the plasterer, who works for Tony Boyter, in 1920's stylee drag!

    That was my first thought and it might not mean much to you.

    My second thought was,


    Google it. I dare you.

  16. Oh, Mr Rooney. There are tears in my eyes from too much laughter. So worth the dare.

  17. Fantastic score! We have similar casements in our sleepout and without exception the first time people visit our home they comment on how lovely they are.

  18. Nice pick up for your home! I love finding 'new best friends' in blogland.

    Pam x

  19. Tony a problem, I have read all of Ulysses....But I can hardly remember a line I can only remember the feeling I had reading it , slightly wistful and melancholy not to mention slightly frustrated. I think woolf does stream of consciousness in a more palatable way.

  20. How wonderful to have got your hands on such gorgeous windows - they'll be beautiful in your sunroom :)


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