Sunday, 28 November 2010


We just got back from a terrific few days of glamping at Brunswick Heads in Northern New South Wales. It is a delightful part of the world.

Glamping image from here.
Our camping trip wasn't so indulgent...
Well, maybe I'm going too far describing our trip as glamping, but we do strive to have a home away from home feel.

We go camping twice a year with a few other families which is wonderful fun for all our children. And our camp leader, Captain Boyter, looks after us very well - cooking us hot breakfasts each morning and the most delicious dinners at night.

For me, it is an absolute treat when someone else does the cooking. It makes it more of a holiday.

Polynesian bedding for the air mattresses
We glamp Polynesian style. I bet you never knew you wanted to glamp to a theme too, huh?

I find Polynesian-style cotton bedspreads are extremely practical because they fold compactly, do not show the dirt or sand easily and dry quickly if they get wet during a storm. They are bright and cheery too!

Our tent.
I'm going to invest in a tatami (woven straw mat) for the entry annexe when we next go camping.

Our tent is too small for us. We bought it a few years before we had Son #3, so it is a tight fit for our family of five now.

We're thinking of upgrading to a larger model - one with an east wing, courtyard and west wing. Alfresco claw foot bath tub would be an optional extra...

So, tell me, what sort of tent do you have? Are you are real camper or do you glamp?


  1. HA, I relate. We call it luxury camping, and have the Taj Mahal tent, as indeed there is an East & West wing, rumpus in the middle and courtyard. Unfortunately don't have any fairies to do the set-up and down. We went to a shop called Anaconda (next to IKEA) and we ended up with a whopper tent! Your Polynesian bedding is gorgeous and you're definitely a Glamp Setter. I like to use sarongs on the beach for the same reasons you've mentioned rather than a towel. :)

  2. I think i've camped twice in my whole life and both times I relied on others to be the organized ones. Yes, I'm hopeless at camping! I do like you're Polynesian covers though :)

  3. Camping is my worst nightmare.

    Yet, contradictorily, I am attracted to caravans. And the idea of camping with a number of family friends.

    I love your Polynesian bed sheets ... but I hate the idea of sand in bedding ... see the conflict?

    Now I'll be up all night.

  4. I never have gone camping. I was introduced to the idea when I moved here in Australia. Everyone talks about how they love it. Maybe one day. With pretty bedspreads like yours. Have a great weekend!

  5. A few too many years in the Army make camping a four letter word for me! Although I am tempted by the polynesian motif you've got going here, and the tatami will ramp [I mean glamp] it up another notch for sure. But no...probably not :)

  6. I meant probably not to me camping, not to your glamorous addition...just thought I'd clarify x

  7. I have heard tell of this ‘Captain Boyter’.

    Some say that he was the inspiration for the swarthily handsome Quint, in Jaws.

    Others say that, once in Hong Kong, he out Barbequed all of the Iron Chefs, equipped only with a pair of tongs, a pair of thongs and a Beatles T Shirt given to him personally by George Harrison after they both shared a night in the cells in Algiers.

    While others say that, in Cuba, after a legendary night on the turps, Hemmingway ended the night under the table. While the Captain danced on top of it singing “It was the Old man versus the ‘B’; and it was the ‘B’ that stood for Boyter!

    So they say........

    All we know is that he is the stuff from which legends are truly made.

  8. Camping...I'm way too old for that! My idea of Brunswick was done just last Wednesday, drinking, shopping and socialising, bring it on!

  9. Methinks Mr Rooney may have been inhaling too much hardwood. It does go to your head you know. the sweet smell of freshly sandpapered timber.
    As for themes. You are talking to the girl who purchased matching doona covers for our outback adventure!
    Every January we go camping with 6 other families for 10 days and we all try and outdo each other with our fancy dancy campy pantries, our monogrammed polar fleece snuggies and kitchen sinks. Last year the winner bought with her a microwave and the runner up a portable air conditioner and full size refrigerator.
    Kathmandu have some blow up couches and chairs, I keep telling hubby that would ensure us a win this year!!

  10. We are eternally grateful to Captain Boyter because he introduced us to the talented Mr Rooney. And Mr Rooney is right, the Captain is a Legend. Notice the capital L.

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  12. I'd glamp if there were somewhere to plug in a hairdryer, and those beds of yours look ever so cosy. Surely Mr Rooney should be promoted to Captain too by now?

  13. Hello. Nice to see you had a great camping holiday. It would be lovely to stay in one of those posh tents!

    My husband and I camp as well as stay in retreats, beach huts and spa accommodation. I am not too sure if there is a term for us but we love a mixture of accommodation styles. Our tent is tiny, two man, tent but means it only takes minutes to pack away. It only weighs 2 kilos so it also easy to backpack with and stay in remote places high up in the mountains. Soon the time may come when it may upgrade it for a bigger size! Have fun, Lisa

  14. We tried camping fail! We still have our brand new tent sitting on the shelf along with all of the packed camping gear! More power to ya!

  15. I totally get the cooking,to me someone else doing the cooking is what makes it glamping. I am not a camper now, too much hard work with Lotte but I still like the idea of it. Glad you had fun, cheers Katherine

  16. Brismod, when we were kids the family used to have what was called an "auto tent" that connected to the back of our old station wagon. The we upgraded to a big square canvas model, before getting a small caravan
    These days, we have an old (1980's) van that we holiday in for a few weeks each year. We store it near the camping ground and just get it towed there for our holiday. It's so old it wouldn't handle a trip of more than a couple of kilometres at a time. Certainly not glamping, even though I like to have nice sheets and doona covers etc...but it does us.

  17. I struggle with the ablutions situation when I camp. I can't help it. Mind you it does make you appreciate the simple luxuries of a bathroom. I think the children love it so it is worth the sacrifice (not that I have done it yet but I will !!) xo

  18. as long as i can brew a latte im good. i do admit i usually prefer walls but then again it depends whos sleeping in the next bag. :)


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