Friday, 5 November 2010

West German planter hit

You know you've made it in the world when you have your own dealer; someone to call for your buzz.

My go-between is called Katherine. She works theoldboathouse and sometimes she contacts me when the good stuff comes her way.

Like West German pottery planters. Yeah, you know what I'm trying to say.

These pots are so fine. Who you callin' a gutter junkie?

West German planters on the left and right of the large pot

I had no imagination regarding what plants to put into them. The brown and orange planter has a peace lily (with a house of three boys, Peace is the holy grail) and the brown and cream planter has a succulent.

Anyway, Katherine's your go-to-girl on the streets of Brisbane for your retro wares - a purveyor of fine vintage goods.

Also a little birdie told me that Mr Rooney, our anti-ageing Oil of Olay using builder, is celebrating a birthday today. Best wishes to you Mr Rooney and take it there are stairs still to be built.

* all drug slang courtesy of here (too much time on my hands).


  1. Hells bells - a drug dictionary! I'm not sure I know any of those terms - gosh, hope my work computer doesn't ring an alarm somwhere in the IT dept for looking that up....
    Cool pots, fit in perfectly. Looks like Brissy is the place to be :)
    ps happy b'day Mr Rooney, does he have any builder brothers in Hobart by any chance?

  2. I need to get me a spotter too! Though I'd keep annoying them and adding to items to the list.

    Katherine is top-shelf! Unfortunately, she keeps finding butterfly chairs at times which don't coincide with my liquidity.

    Mr Rooney, Happy Birthday! You share the auspicious birth date with my husband. Yet another reason for me to think you're okay!

  3. Katherine is just the best isn't she? ...and a really nice person!

    Love the symmetrical balance of the mother in law's tongue in your very creative photography shot!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. They would be some pretty perfect looking planter pots. Nice "drug stash"

  5. I must say I do love Katherine. I love your pots too. You've got such a unique house, and so many collections. :) x

  6. LOL, great pots. A fun collection.

  7. i immediately bookmarked that drug slang page - never know when i might need that
    great "pots"

  8. ps re: last post

    what is profiterole... or whatever ?

  9. Mos def... you know I only deal in the good stuff and I keep the top shelf stuff for my best junkies...I mean junkers..ha. They look great now they have had a good bath and been given some love. cheers Katherine (Happy Birthday Tony hope you had a great day with all the Rooney gang..)

  10. Love the pots, especially the one in the middle!


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