Thursday, 4 November 2010

What do profiteroles, gladioli and nuns have in common?


Number 2 son is celebrating his 6th birthday today. And every year the birthday cake request is always the same - pwofiteroles, I mean profiteroles (his Elmer Fudd speech impediment is still the same too).

We did not disappoint the poor dear. Again, The Australian Women's Weekly is my choux pastry recipe of choice.

Our garden was flush with gladioli and after the heavy rain, they were all droopy and almost touching the ground. I picked them all and put them in a vase.

Profiteroles and gladioli

Mr Rooney also took a picture of what he has done with our concrete rubble chez the Nuns at Nundah. I kid you not - Nundah has to be the most perfect suburb to find nuns.

Anyway, the rubble is now in a much holier place than ours.

Backfill at the Sisters of St Joseph
Image courtesy Mr Rooney


  1. I'm seriously finding it a crack up that Mr Rooney is providing images. God love him! (Indeed he must). Happy birthday to your little guy, 1/3 of the way to 18. I like his taste. Quite partial to a pwofiterole. x

  2. Nice gladdies! I would love to be able to pick them out of my own garden.
    Mr Rooney has done very well with the sisters. I wonder if he takes photos for their blog too!
    And happy birthday to little Elmer for tomorrow. He is a lucky boy to get profiteroles.

  3. Happy birthday little Brismod lad!

    What does a six-year-old get from his Mid-Century mum?

    Hope he had a lovely day and the nuns keep him in their prayers.

  4. I used to live just down the road from your relocated rubble at # 67. Fancy that! Another link. Maybe we're related. Hope you have a fun day stuffing your mouths with profiteroles.

    Jennifer xx

  5. Love the gladys, mine are a long while off yet. Backfilling the nuns' buildings must really grant you some good karma. Cool story!
    ps happy Birthday to your mini "Elmer". Hope he's has a fun day x

  6. Well that was a riddle and a half! I do love a good pwofiterole myself, and yours look very delicious. Happy Birthday to your big 6 year old!

  7. Happy birthday (almost over) to Mister 6. That boy has good taste. And is he the one who did that awesome drawing a while back?

  8. Holy wubble! Well done on turning out a profiterole and happy birthday to your big boy!

  9. Who ray for feel wicks, who ray at last.
    Who ray for feel wicks because..........

    It's his birthday!

    Happy Birthday cobber and check your laces.

  10. Tada, the nuns of Nundah! You know the stage of choux pastry where you've added the flour and made a big yellow ball, but no eggs yet? I always find it difficult to move beyond that stage without eating it.

    Happy birthday, boy of 6; what good taste you have.

  11. Happy birthday little one...hope it was a great day for you!
    Don't you love it when things get re-used, even if it is only for landfill. I hate to see anything go to waste, no matter what it is.

  12. Happy birthday to your son! Loving the profiteroles and gladioli

  13. Thanks everyone for the nice comments re #2 Son's birthday.
    MMmC - he got a Mongoose bike and a helmet. No Danish for him.
    Kerry - that was #1 son but #2 is showing promise
    Mise - yes I do know what you mean - butter, flour and water is hard to resist. Tastes better than it sounds though.

  14. Happy birthday from some other Brissie buddies! Sorry I am so late to send you my best wishes Brismod's second born. Enjoy that bike. My son will be very jealous when he hears that you got one of those!

    Have a great weekend,

  15. Happy Birthday to your son!'s really quite cool to see my old 'stomping ground' on a blog on the WWW all these years and many kilometres away later! I see it was the Nundah sisters, I went to St Josephs at Nundah and Corpus Christi and was educated by some of those nuns! You're making be pine for good old Brisbane town you know! ;)

  16. Happy Birthday to your #2 son. My daughter has that speech impediment too. Still. And after 100 hours at speech therapist its not much better.

    Thanks for the pwofiterole recipe. I have never tried them I think they will hit the spot in this house. xoxo


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