Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Danlamp: my dirty secret

It's kind of ironic that I'm writing about an incandescent light bulb I've just purchased because for the past few months I've been working for an organisation which encourages energy efficient lighting upgrades. 

Ssh! Don't tell.

I really am eco...truly. But there is something about the forbidden fruit of an incandescent which makes this light bulb so attractive to me. Clearly, I thought to hell with increased carbon emissions when I ordered it online.

Danlamp light bulb
It is purely a decorative light bulb which emits a nice warm glow - lovely ambient lighting which you just can't achieve with compact fluorescent or halogen energy saver bulbs. It is definitely not a bulb for task lighting if you need to read or sew.

Anyway, I will have to hide it when the Carbon Police raid the house.


  1. I don't want to find a broken item of the week post about it either.

  2. I bought Edison bulbs for my skeletal crab-net lights and I was underwhelmed, I can tell you. After three successive dinners when Stefan said "Candles! More candles!" I gave up and got the big incandescents with their bums dipped in chrome - I'm sure they have a name but it escapes me.

  3. There's something of the Victorian murder mystery about these. I have yet to try them myself and must hasten to catch up.

  4. There's something warm and secure about this lighting - almost like rain on a tin roof.

    Bugger the carbon police!

  5. Ooh, that bulb is awesome! Carbon... what carbon????

  6. That's is solo cool. Mimi xx

  7. It's gorgeous, well worth the carbon foot print. A

  8. Well, my husband keeps telling me that the old light bulbs didn't take nearly as much energy to actually produce as the new ones are we just kidding ourselves about our new energy efficient lighting???

  9. As is my wont I have just done a marathon of catching up on as many of your posts as possible given I spend too much time playing with the kids or letting them hijack the computer while I'm running. Thankfully; at 1.42am they are all in bed and I can read at my leisure ;-)
    I have one question…DO THEY HAVE RED FROGS IN THE LOLLY BUFFETS. I do believe my mouth is watering!!!


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