Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random things at the Sow's Ear

This is going to be a very random post about what's been happening at the Sow's Ear.

The back stairs are finally painted. The deck posts and underneath the deck still need to be done. This painting gig just never seems to end... Jason is also going to sand the treads (to remove a few paint drips) and oil the wood over the Christmas break among other things he has planned. I told him to have a day off on Christmas Day!

Three little candle holders which look like ice-cubes for my kitchen shelf. A gift from a lovely friend.

 A minuscule carrot from the garden. It almost seemed cruel to pluck it out of the dirt.

The Christmas tree. This is the third Christmas we are celebrating at the Sow's Ear and every year the tree moves to a different location. This spot doesn't work for me but I'm not game to move it...

New blue Italian pottery, possibly Bitossi, which I just adore. A very generous offering from a friend.

Some gorgeous handmade lavender soap; it smells divine and is made from all natural ingredients. Another gift from another lovely friend. I'm very lucky to know some great people!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. love the new blue - great design :) best le xox

  2. Lots of lovely things! That vase is very 'you'.
    We just started the massive job that is painting the house. Already I am not having fun.
    It's our 3rd Christmas here too! X

  3. The stairs are looking good. Maybe Jason should have Boxing Day off too?

  4. I started off admiring your prize carrot, then noticed your immaculate manicure - very impressive, like your Christmas tree. It must be weird to celebrate Christmas in 90 degree heat.

  5. Some houses just don't have the perfect spot for a tree...mine included. I move mine all the time..

    You do have friends with good've been given some lovely things.

  6. The stairs are magnificent
    The carrot is magnificent
    The tree is magnificent
    The soap is magnificent
    The candle holders are magnificent
    The blue pot is magnificent
    It's all magnificent,
    as are you,
    dear Anita.

  7. What lovely things you were given. My tree moves around every year too.

  8. It is our third Christmas here too. Love all the randowm bits including the little carrot. ;-)

  9. Stairs look great, tree looks beautiful and what lovely gifts. Enjoy! Ange

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  11. You guys should SO have a paint sponsor. I'm seriously in awe of Jason's commitment to getting the job done.

    And what great gifts from your friends. Um, and what a cute carrot you've grown.

    Hope you guys have a lovely Christmas :)

    Pele xx

  12. You've achieved so much in the past year - you know that?!!

  13. Merry Christmas..I'm off on holiday from now 'til the end of see you again then! I hope there will be an end in sight to the painting next year!

  14. Stairs are looking great. That little carrot is adorable and loving those candles holders.x


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