Thursday, 8 December 2011

Real Living giving

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My eyes are peeled, darting around for design ideas while we renovate the Sow’s Ear.

I greedily read blogs, flick through newspapers and magazines, browse Pinterest and consume TV design shows; they all add to the grand master plans for our little piggy. Mwa ha ha ha!

But, you know, I don’t buy magazines as regularly as I would like. It’s mostly because I don’t think to buy them when they’re first released. Mags are usually relegated for my holiday reading as some sort of guilty indulgent pleasure.

It really is a thrill to devour a brand new magazine of your own choosing… as opposed to the dog-eared, out-of-date mags you get at the doctor’s surgery. A 2003 home mag at Dr Stan’s practice is not going to cut it, if you know what I mean? He makes a bomb too; you’d think he’d fork out for a subscription!

So, buying an issue of Real Living was probably the highlight of my week.  I know…I know… I need a life! Ha!

It often profiles the homes of other design bloggers in their Real Homes section.  The stylish Julie from Olive & Joy was recently featured and, I have to say, I loved seeing more of her home in the pages of a magazine.

This latest issue’s selection of renovated homes is a mixed and varied bunch, from quirky vintage to white and serene…a bit of everything to satisfy most décor tastes. I particularly like reading what’s in the mood board that accompanies each home profile. It highlights details like paint colours, hardware finishes and suggests furniture options.

Real living magazine is not snobby as it has different cost points to suit people of all budgets; from IKEA to Space Furniture, there is usually something for everyone.

With Christmas just around the corner the quandary of gift-giving can suck, especially as my friends and family seem to already have everything they need or want.

We’re big on giving others consumables (plonk and food gifts) or experience gifts (theatre subscriptions or movie tickets) and I’m thinking that this year could be The Year of the Magazine Subscription!

It’s not something that you’d automatically buy for yourself (speaking for myself, that is) and magazines don’t take up a lot of space. (I often pass on my copies to friends once I’ve finished with them.)

The best thing about giving a magazine subscription is that you can organise it online!

Maybe a House magazine subscription for the design and house junkies in my life is the way to go this year?

What do you think?  Is it something you’d appreciate getting this year for Christmas or would you rather grog?

P.S Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? Give your loved ones a magazine subscription this year and you can win a tropical escape to Hawaii   with Magshop’s Christmas competition. Treat your family and friends to a magazine subscription today - it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year round.


  1. Can you tell that postscript wasn't written by me? I'd have said it differently...ha!

  2. Oh and I'd like grog to go with the magazine subscription cos I'm greedy that way...

  3. I absolutely love getting my magazine's in the mail, it is my treat to me! And reading them is a bit of a chance for a bit of me time, just have to lock the door to get it??? Sitting with a splash of 'grog' is OK too! lol

    Have a great day.

    x Jode

  4. Thanks for your comment Jode. It is a treat isn't it? xx

  5. well unlike you I self subscribe ... to Australian country style for the last few years ... and before that NZ home and garden - it's a great mag and a bit different to all the aust ones :) it's a great gift idea - go forth and subscribe :) le xox ps post for you now up re trina turk's house

  6. Dr Stan is one up on my doctor, who stocks No Idea, Women's Weekly and similar assorted etceteras. No housy housy mags within cooee.

    And a magazine subscription over booze, fer shizzle. There is something a bit decadent-feeling having them delivered to your house.


  7. Hi Anita - thanks for your comment earlier :)

    My sister buys me a Real Living mag subscription each year for Christmas and I LOVE getting it in the post each month.

    I've also bought magazine subscriptions for other people as gifts, including relatives in NZ. It's actually a great gift idea for overseas peeps - there's no postage!

    Hope that doesn't make me sound too cheap xx

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  9. 'Real Living'? Now there's a fantasy I could curl up with on a cold winter's night.

  10. Your postscript would have been funnier for sure, Anita. I think a sub is a great present - but what if all your commentators buy you one now and you are inundated with magazines?

  11. I think it's a fab idea. Though I'd like some plonk too. Maybe a case of wine and a subscription? Haha not too greedy here.

    TDM xx

  12. Ooh, I've already put my request into Santa (IE my Mum!) for a RL subscription. Very excited!


    PS: Thanks for following my blog. (I wrote that post script myself!!)

  13. Realliving is one of my faves too. I enjoyed seeing Olive & Joy's home in more detail too. I'm a big fan of relatively cheap and cheerful decorating too and having a bit of fun with it all.

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  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I love getting magazines in the mail. A gift subscription is a great idea.

  17. Hi Anita, I must admit that this is the only Australian Magazine that I occasionally buy. I love the mix of vintage, industrial and handmade and the recipes are great as well. I was only thinking last week about getting a subscription to this mag for xmas! Enjoy the weekend, Tam x

  18. We recently spotted a copy of Real Living in a newsagents over here - we didn't have time to flick through it, but having read your post we may have to investigate further!

  19. So easy to organise magazine subscriptions on line. That's what I give to my 2 daughters in law, 3 sons and husband. But nothing for me! I am inspired, I will subscribe today.

  20. the way my christmas shopping is going, i think everyone will be getting a subscription this year!

    wishing you loads of mags and grog darl xxx


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