Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas and Boxing Day 2011 project

Christmas was good. It always is. There is nothing I like better than spending it with my most favourite people.

the boys unwrapping their gifts bright and early

Duck with orange sauce
Now that the boys are older we have our main celebration on Christmas eve. 

The shirtless Santa was very thoughtful with his gifts

We have a very simple Christmas lunch. This year I made a whole fish. It was a last minute decision when I was lining up to be served at the fish shop. This particular fellow was so fresh and less than half the price of filleted fish.  I also bought some fresh oysters. It was all delicious.
Boxing day is traditionally a day that Jason starts a new project on the Sow's Ear. Last year it was painting our bedroom; this year it is painting the deck ceiling. It has been literally hanging over our heads for many, many months since Jason and Mr Rooney, our travelling builder, retro-fitted an insulated ceiling to our existing deck.

It is a big job as Jason needs to undercoat/primer the ceiling, fill the gaps with bog and No More Gaps, and sand all the rough patches. After that is done, he'll start on the final two coats of paint.

Here are the progress shots from today:

Early start for Jason as he undercoats the deck ceiling

Jason undertakes the task in manageable chunks. He'll completely paint one half of the ceiling before commencing the other half. Go Jason!


  1. It reminds me of that old English joke about painting the Forth Bridge - by the time the painter gets to the other end, he has to turn around and paint his way back again.

  2. Good Shirtless Santa! Go, Shirtless Jason!

  3. I think we might be doing the same this week, but I dare say our painting will take the rest of our lives!
    So glad you had a lovely Christmas x

  4. HI Anita, glad to see you had a great xmas. Your food looks amazing!! Boxing day is supposed to be about the start of the cricket and the race....can someone tell Jason...
    Santa sent you that lovely book, good to see!!

  5. Glad you got that book. I love a simple Christmas too. Go Jason!

  6. Glad you had a great Christmas. Jason is so motivated. There is no way I could have done anything yesterday except recover from the Christmas day festivities! Ange

  7. Go Jason. Lovely gifts you have there Anita. I love this time of year. My project yesterday was to rearrange the family room. Today I might clean out the lounge, it's still covered in paper and presents.

  8. I thought you were going to say "now the boys are older, they are up on the scaffolding with the No More Gap gun" maybe next year??
    Merry Christmas to you, Shirtless Santa & the gang, love Posie

  9. Well done Jason!!! That's a big job but it's looking fab!!

  10. That looks and sounds like a fabulous Christmas - and those duck and fish dishes have my mouth watering xx

  11. Yes indeedy - go Jason. That man probably has dreams in which he's painting the entire world!

    Happy New Year to everyone chez Sow's Ear (which is becoming more and more purse-like).


  12. I feel Jason's pain! I am spending the break painting the deck - railings, posts and house wall. It's an enormous job - fortunately the in-laws and my mum are lending a helping hand!

  13. Loving your blog! We've recently bought a Queenslander about the same age and I was mildly amused to see that you also cooked duck for Christmas day. Good luck with the rest of the renovations.

  14. I can't get past the duck with orange sauce - it looks delicious!!
    Christmas really is about the kids. I love it! x


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