Thursday, 29 December 2011

Deck ceiling progress

We're still here, working away at the Sow's Ear.

Action Jason
Even when it looks like rain, Jason will push the envelope and paint in defiance of the stormy weather.

The other day we were at the bottle-o replenishing our alcohol supplies when I took this snap of the approaching storm cell.

I haven't taken any photos of it but the deck ceiling is now finished. It looks so good.

A close friend came over today and she paid us the ultimate renovating compliment: "It doesn't look like you've done anything out here. It looks like it was always meant to look like that."

Seamlessness is always the goal in our renovations to this old house.

partially painted deck ceiling
Anyway, I'll show the finished result in the next post. 


  1. Again you put us to shame! I am thinking about possibly, maybe contemplating some sanding and house painting. The thought of it gives me a nervous tick :)

  2. Have been reading for awhile now but haven't posted. Amazing stuff there. I am very impressed with what you both do. Lovely home! Well done :)

  3. no hols at your place :) looks fab - well done guys ... and here's to a brilliant 2012 too - cheers le xox

  4. Looks great. They are dark clouds, very dramatic!

  5. You have a beautiful home and you've done such an amazing job. Full stop.

    I'm worried about what you'll do once it's all finished. Dig a pool? I'd sure dig a pool.

  6. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    MMMC, we were talking about a pool yesterday...the joke being Jason will probably dig it with a garden spade! xx

  7. thea and sami is having a sale just made for you - her own personal stock of mid century ceramics etc - you must go see :) best le xoxo


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