Monday, 23 July 2012

Aria and under the house

In some circles it's considered gauche to photograph a restaurant experience. Thankfully, I don't mix in that circle (if I don't include Jason) and snapped photos to my heart's content when Jason and I went to fancy schmancy Aria for lunch.

How often do I get to go somewhere a little bit posher than say, Maccas? Almost never. And these images are to record for posterity a lovely luncheon in 2012.

aria menu

slightly warmed vichyssoise
Velvety deliciousness

duck pie with spiced pears and a witlof and raisin salad in the foreground, a cast iron pot of crisp hand cut chips
I was too embarrassed to have my new $2.50 op-shop jacket hung up. Even though it's wool and bespoke (but for someone else, as Jason likes to remind me).

decanted wine, and a view overlooking the Brisbane River

 It was simply superb. The whole experience was excellent.

And it made a lovely change of routine from this.

The last of the VJ panels were put up under the house yesterday. Yay!


  1. Hello:
    Yes, a luncheon in Aria would be just the kind of treat that we should love too! The food, we are certain, tasted delicious and looks absolutely wonderful in its presentation. Duck pie, how perfect!!!

  2. Jane and Lance, you are too kind, knowing the places you've seen and the meals you've eaten. It was indeed an exquisite meal and well appreciated. xx

  3. That looks like an amazing meal!

  4. The meal looks fabulous but I am strangely excited by the VJ walls. Need to get out more!

  5. Hang on - Aria here or Aria there?

    And location notwithstanding, that duck pie looks fantabbies. So deep that if you leapt off the table into it, you'd have a soft landing. I can taste it, I swear.


  6. Oh it looks divine. A lovely reward for all your hard work! A-M xx

  7. Looks fab! Holidays at home can be great.

    TDM xxx

  8. Looks gorgeous. I would love to go there. Must try and wangle it next time I'm in Bris. trying to work out where it is on the river. will have to look it up I think! Brisbane has changed so much since I've left it. Mxx

  9. YUM! BTW I am totally into taking pics of the food experience!


  10. I sent Mum there as a thank you when she came over to help when baby #1 was born. She said the same thing. She couldn't fault it. I wish we'd gone before we'd left Brisbane but there's always something to look forward to on a return visit!


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