Saturday, 14 July 2012

Love Vintage

I threw my paisley top on and high-tailed it to the Love Vintage Show which is being held at the Brisbane Convention Centre in South Brisbane. It is a one-stop shop for those looking for vintage clothing, hats and accessories.

For a moment, I swear I was transported onto the set of an MGM musical, such was the dedication of the hard-core vintage dressers. You would've thought you were seeing Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor swanning around. They were immaculately dressed and groomed which made for great people watching on a wet Friday night.

Vintage frock

The frocks were stunning. There were high-end designer outfits, revamped vintage outfits, men's vintage, a few stalls which stocked small collectable homewares and a mid-century furniture stall. The stall owners are from all around Australia so there is a lot of variety.

mid-century furniture from addVintage

My friend Susan bought a lovely brunch coat and gorgeous Horrocks sun dress (I am so uninitiated, I thought it was from the malted milk company. That would be Horlicks...). Susan was very pleased with her haul.

For myself, I bought an old silk scarf, as it didn't require a petite frame... which I do not have...oh well...

silk scarf purchased at The Vintage Advantage stall
The best part of the evening was finally meeting Kitty from Kittys Vintage & Kitsch. She was so nice and just gorgeous - she was wearing the most divine ruby red 1950s evening frock. Kitty has her own store in Mt Tamborine, which I am just dying to visit. She also has a stall at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

Anyway, Love Vintage ends tomorrow for those keen to have a sticky beak.


  1. I'm in love with that room divider, I have to say.

    I'm going to keep an eye open for Kitty's store at Mt Tamborine!

  2. It looks like a great event and as you say, the people watching would have been a blast.
    I know what you mean about horrocks, I think about horlicks when I hear the name as well!! How funny is that :)

  3. My little eye has been caught by the screws that are holding the hinge onto the door in the last photo. They look like rivets, and I am fascinated by the way they curve inwards, top to bottom on both sides. Can you explain for me?

  4. You're right Tom. I have never noticed that before. The two middle screws are inset slightly from the top and bottom screw. They're all like that in the house and all the doors are original to the house. Xx

  5. Love the vintage frock with the very small waist.

  6. OH wow what fun! I used to love scouring op shops when at uni for true vintage. Then I went through a 'modern is cool' clothing phase and chucked it in my early 20s. What WAS I thinking :(

  7. Oh, I would have loved that event. I love looking at vintage frocks especially when they are well displayed and I don't have to go hunting.

  8. I love the vintage dress and the scarf that you bought too. Looks like a great night. Mxx

  9. Oh wow, they always looked so immaculate back in the day, the make up, hair, matching shoes & bags, how much time does it take to look like Betty Draper?? I find vintage clothing never fits my broad shoulders either, how on earth can our frames be so different in a generation or two?? My girls will be rocking vintage, especially as i can adjust it easily for them. What a fantastic event, shame i'm not in Brisbane these school holidays, bugger, love Posie

  10. I was there... on Saturday ... working the boys' stall. I missed you by a day. It was crazy busy but gorgeous. I'm still exhausted!

  11. Oh wow hanks so much for the mention Anita!! It was fab to meet you too!!

  12. It's amazing isn't it the phenomenon of dressing in vintage. I remember 20 years ago when I started in this game the vintage dresses, as in people who dressed in vintage, were few and far between. THere were always the few hard core types but even among them only a handful dressed in vintage all the time.Even when I had my shop, 13 years ago now, and I was skinny enough to wear vintage, when I wore vintage in the shop it still was considered a bit out there. It seems every second person now is selling vintage clothing and if you go to places like this fair or the WAC you are almost out of place if not dressed in vintage. I wonder why this change has occurred at this time and if it will last?

  13. What a pity I missed you Jo. It wasn't cray cray busy on Friday night, so I'm glad I went when I did. x
    Katherine, I think it's because people are travelling more and have more access to vintage from overseas. Most of the high-end frocks at the show were imports. I love that anything goes now. xx


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