Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sow's Ear update

The last couple of weeks have been quite ho-hum on the renovating front. Just painting and more painting. But there's been a break-through!

Jason happily announced he's completed painting the Sow's Ear exterior...which means the main house exterior is finito, fini, done.  It's a big achievement for the over-worked home handy man.

Painted weatherboards - is there anything nicer?

All the building work which Mr D our builder, undertook during April is now completely painted. That's three sides of the downstairs area of the Sow's Ear...equating to many tins of paint and many hours of snow blindness for dear Jason.

Jason and his powder monkey (aka son#1) painting behind the not-so-energy-efficient hot water system

The pièce de résistance is the formerly heritage green VJ door which has been transformed into a very bright shade of orange. Pronounced aweronge. Go on, say it.

I believe Jason is cutting in.
Two orange doors. The lower door leads to the garage area.
The rickety side steps will be going and replaced with something more sturdy.

And that's the latest on the Sow's Ear. But don't be fooled that we are almost reaching the conclusion of our renovation...there is still so much to stay tuned. 


  1. I'm so excited for you but green with envy at the same time! Love the orange doors, they look fab.
    Ah, to have the painting done, I live for that dream...

  2. Great stuff - now I guess it's just the cubby that's left to paint?

  3. I'm not sure what I'll do when you get to the end of your renovation. It'll be like a death in the family.

  4. What an amazing achievement - Well done Jason! I did say aweronge too. Now if he is left twidling his fingers and pining for a paintbrush, you know I am happy to provide my address. ;-) So what is next at the silk purse? xx

  5. Hurrah! Your paint shop may go out of business now.

  6. Those "aweronge" doors are the ducks nuts or perhaps "les canards les écrous":-)

  7. Awerange literally made me laugh out loud! Looks great!

  8. Wow I would like to see Jason surrounded by all those empty paint tins just imagine how many but he must have saved you heaps of money. How did the cubby clean up go ?

  9. Time for a beer?

  10. Can you tell me the colour of that amazing orange please?
    Thanks so much,
    Tania xx

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Tania, the colour is Dulux bright delight. xx

  12. Well done! The orange looks fab.

    TDM xx

  13. Of course there's more to do - these old places are merely Forth Bridges (as if Firth of Forth) in disguise.

    And as for them there doors - awerongegasmic, to my mind.


  14. Congratulations on the completion of such a huge job in your renovations...a true milestone!

  15. What a wonderful big Queenslander! I like those orange doors, what a great idea. Makes me homesick down here in Melbourne to look at all this. Off now to turn the heater up! Mx


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