Monday, 2 July 2012

MAD house tour

Another day and another cool house tour. Yesterday, I attended the much-anticipated mid-century house tour from the MAD weekend.

It started at the north end of Brisbane in Aspley, where we visited a cute 1960s 'affordable housing for the masses' style home, which is owned by two young architects. They're renovating their home to preserve the charm of the original design while sympathetically adapting it to suit their home-based architectural practice.

This nook is located at the front of the home near the kitchen. It takes advantage of the wonderful light filtering through the push-out casement windows.

The front facade. They haven't done any work on the tired exterior as yet. The French doors open out from where the dining room is situated. 

The tour moved on to a modern renovation of a Queenslander in Auchenflower, which is owned by two well-respected architects. It's a completely breathtaking home, beautifully curated by its owners.

fabulous dining space

modern black kitchen with mirror back splash

mid-century wall unit which was inherited by the owners. Out of focus, of course, but you get the picture!
The tour meandered its way to southside Tarragindi. I've previously featured this house on the blog here. It is still one of my most favourite houses and I've made it clear to the owners that we get first pick if they ever decide to move on! (Poor Jason, he paints and paints the old Sow's Ear and here I am plotting our next move!)

Master bedroom which features a window seat.
Original house plans. The architect who designed and owned the home was also available to answer questions.  He's become very friendly with the new owners!

The last house of the tour was a Donald Spencer designed  home in Carina. Again, I've already featured snippets of this home here. It is a compact but very liveable home which suits the empty-nester couple who own it

The light and airy lounge room

Original house drawings and plans

These house tours which are organised by Chris and Susan really are excellent - they're already planning the next one...

It was also great to finally meet a few readers and fellow bloggers who were able to make the tour. Everyone was very nice and a lot of fun. Fun and nice is always good in my book!

I'll let everyone know when the next tour is scheduled. 


  1. Hey, sounds like you had a great weekend! I would've loved to come along (I have been pregnant or B/F'ing since 2007) so I don't get out much. Soon to change!!! xx

  2. What an amazing opportunity, I only get the chance to see the interiors of vintage homes when I go to estate sales and of course people are no longer living in them.

    I enjoyed seeing how the new owners have interpreted the history of their home in a contemporary and livable way. It's also wonderful that they have their original house plans/sketches!

  3. What a great tour! So love the window seats. Jason should be pleased that if you ever do sell, his incredible painting skills will have added value to the Sow's Ear. x

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  5. I just love the nook with the storage underneath, what a great idea! And the black kitchen... *gasps*... gorgeous! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Cute house! You wouldn't happen to know where the bedding is from? I've been looking for grey bedding for ages. Cheers Lisa

  7. What a fun outing, fab homes, other bloggers, nice food etc. What's not to love? Aren't those original house plans/drawings wonderful.

  8. Love your photos! As a first timer it was such a great way to get ideas for designs and materials - and great to meet you too - love putting a face to the name :). Sam

  9. I just had that complete rush of adrenaline reading your post! I had such a super day. I was such a hopeless navigator for poor Reader 3, but seeing those houses was so fabulous. And the owners were all so lovely and hospitable. I've been inspired to work my guts out and buy an 70s house and be one of the houses on a tour sometime in the next decade! And the organisers deserve a great wrap as well! Great seeing you again, Brismod!xo

  10. My inlaws live in Aspley - on the east side of Gympie Road - and the artchitecture there fascinates me. It's not really my style but there is a lot of style to much of it. This place looks awesome!

  11. Thank you for visiting our guest post for Pimp my Bricks. I'm an addict as well. She writes like nobody else and my readers are throughly enjoying her. I love the very simple spare house you featured on this post. One of these days I'm coming to visit the Ausie bloggers. My California cousins have always been connected and involved with Australia through Quicksilver and I remained fascinated!

  12. I am so disappointed I missed this! I met these two at the last function and they were lovely. They also described their home- and from the pictures it looks just like I imagined.

  13. The Big Fella never quite got over missing a Donald Spencer house near here when we were first-home buying. MMMC recently pointed it out to me when it was back on the market. His houses just keep morphing agelessly. The little nooky one reminds me of some of the Coolum beach houses with its panelling and patio. That was our railing too till it rusted into oblivion. We have no idea what to replace it with . Nothing else seems right. I might bum a ride next time, MMMC!

  14. What fun, I love looking at real homes. Love the navy's and reds. Thanks for sharing.

  15. looks like you had a lovely day! I really love the kitchen bench! It all makes me homesick for Brisbane again, as usual! Mx

  16. Oh my gosh, what gorgeousness. I'd have drooled on someone's sofa.

    I don't know how I'd feel about someone touring my home, though, even if it was this inspiring.

    Glad you got a peak inside these homes!

  17. Thank you so much for these posts; I really enjoy the glimpse into mid-century homes on the other side of the planet!


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