Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Boys' bedroom: before and after photos

I was planning on publishing a big long blog post about redoing the boy's bedroom today...but instead I'm just going to show you a big long pictorial of the room. You'll be able to read all the details in the next blog post.

What we have is a bedroom that our two youngest boys can share for the next few years until we build in some rooms underneath the house. Son #2 is seven years old, while Son #3 is four and they are little rascals!

This room would have originally been the Sow's Ear's master bedroom, given it is such a generous size. We are able to comfortably fit two king single beds into the room and it has good clothes storage in the built-in cupboards that were here when we moved in.

I hope you'll enjoy the little tour of the room's evolution.

So here are the afters:

Renovated boy's bedroom in a Queenslander house

Repainting the ceiling has freshened up this room no end. Vintage Danish glass pendant was purchased second-hand 

Freshly painted white walls are a perfect match with framed vintage Cuban movie art

The boys have a place to hang their bags when they enter the room
New shelves and if you squint you'll see Obi-wan riding a horse. They have a collection of Simba knights and horses. There is also a sprinkling of their own artworks.

Gloss white doors make the built-in cupboards disappear in the room. 

The architectural glass and decorative architraves need only the simplest of window treatments. 

Vintage Anna Castelli  Ferrieri componobili cabinet which used to be in Son#1's room. We swapped furniture. Neutral rug adds warmth to an all white room.
Now these images are the befores. (As in the year that we moved to the Sow's Ear in 2009)

This is the bedroom when we moved in. You'll note the cot and change table. This room has evolved from a toddler/baby room to two growing boys sharing a room.

Brown louvre doors. What can I say?

The young occupants back in 2009!

These shots are the during and how the room looked just before we renovated!
Flaky paint work. The 80+ years of paint layers which we added to.
deconstruction phase

sanding and scraping phase
Some gratuitous shirtless Jason shots. For the fans! Don't thank me.

This is a before shot of the room when it was tidy (which was practically never!) in 2010.  Mouldy ceilings and tired colour scheme.

The room as it was a month ago. A great big mess!

So, what do you think?

If you want to find out the details of how we transformed the room, tune in for the next blog post!


  1. Painting those cupboards must be one of the most uplifting influences of the whole large house renovation project - they look great. And I shall be stealing your idea of dedicated hooks for schoolbags.

  2. You've done a remarkable job Anita & Jason, of course. I can only imagine how difficult the louvre doors were to paint. Look 100 times better now! BTW, love the profile pic. Very glam! x

  3. Oh wow! Love it! Quick question - where do the kids put their shoes? Under the bag rack? The pile of school & sports shoes that accumulates at our front door is irritating and unsightly but I'm not sure what to do about it...

  4. It looks really fab Anita. I notice you removed the picture rail. Are they traditional to queenslanders? Did you just want a cleaner look? X

  5. It's scrubbed up beatifully, well done to you and your husband. I love the vintage Danish light shade. A. Lot. And the pops of yellow in the window panes and Componobili really bring the room to life.

  6. What a great job you have done! I bet Fonz & Ralph are pleased, love the Thomas bag ! :)

  7. Sorry! That is the funniest comment ever Pippa! Better than the Fido and Rover that I was contemplating using! xx

    1. Well I thought if you we're to rename your children, my suggestions would help, if you had a third child we could add potsy to the mix!

  8. Ohh very nice. And look how well those beds are made!

  9. Impressive - looks so fresh! Love the Fonz and Ralph comment, too. Ha!

  10. It looks fantastic. The boys must be really happy.

  11. It is amazing how much light is introduced to the room by painting it white and putting a light coloured rug in there. Hilights in the accessory dept are the pendant light and the bag hooks at 'boy level'. Well done!

  12. Wow, it looks amazing! So fresh. Hope they're enjoying it!

  13. The room looks so bright and cheerful. I love all the pillows and art, and I also like the low-key rug, which helps keep everything light. Excellent job!

  14. The room looks great! What a difference!

  15. Excellent! I was looking at the after photos thinking 'gosh this room looks good. It could be in a magazine. I wish I had a room for my boys like this ...' Fabulous. So proud of you!! Love the Cuban posters too.

  16. Looks great! Amazing how the white on the cupboards changes everything! Mx

  17. So much better. You guys are awesome.

  18. Looks fantastic, you have me addicted to white painted rooms, very fresh. Its a shame our kids can't keep their rooms tidy so we can pop our heads in and smile rather than shake our heads in dismay, lol!!!

  19. It looks so fresh and lovely. Well done Anita and Jason. I bet the boys can't wait to cover that nice clean rug with all manner of boy detritus! I really like the framed prints, give it an edge.

  20. You've really freshened and brigthened the room up really well. Love the gorgeous ceilings :)

  21. I think it's wonderful...I bet the boys are loving it. As for the yellow cabinet...feel free to send it my way when they get tired of it :)

  22. Very fresh! and of course I spied those Tahitian pillowcases....



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