Monday, 29 October 2012

Going, going, gone

Well that house that sat behind the Sow's Ear is well and truly gone. It was burnt badly during a fire in May and last week it was progressively demolished. Here is a pictorial of its demise.

This photo was taken late 2010 when the house was still intact and when we had  overgrown bushes

The day after the fire in May 2012

The house being demolished last week

The house is demolished

A vacant block of land.
As you can see Jason was very severe with the pruning shears on our back fence line! Let's hope they grow back.


  1. It's going to feel strange to look out over that very different view for a while. I wonder what will go up in its place.

  2. OK, so are they rebuilding, selling the vacant block, what? Is A-M going to be your new neighbour? :)xx

  3. An interesting progression of Jason a sticky beak..hehe? I wonder what they'll construct in it's place.

  4. WOW!!!! That's so different now the house (and your trees) are gone
    Wonder what they'll put there...something nice I hope

  5. When I read the post title I thought you might be describing the rain or lack of. Hope you don't get a block of units,at least you are in the higher position. Love the first pic. The decking and treads look great btw.

  6. Ha I also wondered if AM will be your neighbour .

  7. That's the reason why I only let my husband near the pruning shears under strict supervision!
    I hope you get a nice house and not a Mc Mansion.
    It looks very dry round your parts btw.

  8. What what a big gaping hole it is without that old girls roofline. Hope you get a tasteful rebuild and not a big ugly concrete box. mel x

  9. I vote for a nice MC inspired home with folk who like pineapple parties!

  10. Fingers crossed for the new build being aesthetically appropriate. Brisbane city council has been letting some clangers through lately. Can you check with council to see what's being planned? Then you can voice concerns if you have them beforehand. Good luck!

  11. This looks so familiar Brismod. It doesn't take long at all to demolish and clear does it?

    Don't know about BCC but I could go online at our Shire Council website and checkout their aplications and approvals for next door.

    Good luck with it and can't wait for the next instalment. xx

  12. I also vote for pineapple parties with pink flamingos and colourful drinks.
    Its quite an improvement as it is !!
    Hope all is well on your side
    ~ laura x


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