Monday, 1 October 2012

Long weekend and a winner

Long weekends around here affords us more time to paint. Sad.

The louvre doors for the boys' bedroom are finished. And look sensational.

the first of the louvre doors were reinstalled on the weekend. It looks so good.

The painting of the side stairs is also very nearly finished.

the trestles are out again. The ceiling to the stairs are painted. Just have to finish painting the guttering.

I didn't take a shot of it but under the house Jason started painting the VJ sheeting that he put up back in June.

Also in a burst of Martha Stewart' ism, I got into Spring cleaning mode and started packing away all our winter gear. Perhaps prematurely as it is quite cold tonight!!

freshly washed retro blankets being stored away until next year

But the big news around here is that the winner of the Masters Home Improvement $500 gift voucher is JenJenQld! I contacted Jenny this weekend to let her know the good news and of course she was overjoyed. She has some exciting plans on what to spend her vouchers on which I will share with you soon.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition. It is so sad that there can only be one winner...and if it was up to me I'd make you all winners! Thanks again.


  1. It's nice to see other peoples productivity. I was starting to worry about myself and my frenzy of activity. Never fear the Sow's ear is here to keep us all feeling better. I love the doors they look so fresh.

  2. Does storing winter blankets mean cleaning out cupboards first? Hope not.
    The doors look great.
    That Jason is turbo charged!

  3. Doors look great and I love your retro winter blankets! They are the best kind - so warm.x

  4. Those doors really do look good - transformed.

    We have some just like them (the old brown version!) that I was going to throw out. Think I'll be painting them now.

  5. Everything is looking fantastic! I wish I had a few of those blankets. Fall has arrived in Texas, and our nights are getting chilly.

  6. The doors look fantastic. Can't wait to see the whole reveal. Congrats to Jen Jen!!

  7. It is a bit brisk around these parts again isn't it! I thought we were done with winterish weather too. Your louvre doored cupboard is looking very spic...great work Jason!

  8. Those doors look great! Very nice. And Congrats to the winner :)

  9. Doors look fab! Paint fixes almost everything ;)


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