Wednesday, 10 October 2012


The worst thing about renovating is the amount of building detritus that one accumulates in one's backyard.

The last exterior project managed to produce a large pile of old fired bricks and some square concrete pavers which we no longer needed. Fortunately our rubbish happened to be someone's treasure, with Mr D, our thrifty builder, taking the lot off our hands to use in his own landscaping endeavours.

On the weekend Jason and Mr D made a huge dint in clearing the yard.

Mr Hi-Vis and Mr D loading up the ute.

A few weeks ago, we also bit the bullet and got rid of some old brickies trestles which Mr Rooney, our original builder, could not take with him when he moved south. I whacked them on Gumtree which is a free online classified site and cheekily tagged them as Vintage Industrial trestles. They must've been about 80 years old, so the description did contain a grain of truth...

rusty steel brickies trestles
Everyone we knew said we should just dump them, saying we'd have to pay someone to cart them  to the dump.

Anyway, someone paid $40 for the two (he wanted a cheap pair of trestles to paint his house). Our yard was instantly less building-site like when they were whisked away!

It was like saying goodbye to our babies. They were so useful when Jason was painting the Sow's Ear.


  1. So there was finally an end to all that painting? Unbelievable!

  2. All ship shape in time for summer..

  3. It's amazing to me what you can get rid of by listing them online. No matter what you have, there's somebody out there who wants one. And if you say it's free, people will line up for it. Anytime I want to clean my shed or my yard, I just list it free on Craigslist and usually get at least 50 responses, no matter what it is. Feels so good to have unsightly things hauled off!

  4. Is he really finished? Can it be? If he misses it you know where to send him!

  5. Great photo! I still can't believe he actually painted the whole house!!! What an achievement really.

  6. I know what you mean about feeling less worksitey - we still have our scaffolding up in the backyard for our painting project. Always there reminding us of all the work to be done!
    I love Gumtree. I never used it until this year but really, it's fab!

  7. Cannot believe the passing of the trestles was not associated with more fanfare! Is it all really done and dusted? The boys rooms look fantastic btw. mel x


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