Saturday, 14 August 2010

Concrete laundry tub

This morning we cleared out the overgrown garden bed on one side of our property. It was neglected when we bought the Sow's Ear last year and we just neglected it further...

Cleared garden bed

After a good morning's work, it is looking less neglected, but we also have a better view of Boo's decrepit house and the not-so-lovely green corrugated iron fence.

The plan is to plant a bushy hedge which grows super-fast. Perhaps a row of native Lillypillies or even Sweet Viburnum or Photinia Robusta.

Lillypilly image from here

Sweet Viburnum

Photinia Robusta

Anyway, in the bed was this three section concrete laundry tub. It must have been the original one used when the house was built. Since decommissioning, the tub had been used as a planter box...but there was nothing worthwhile growing in it.

There is only one word to describe the tub. Heavy. With a capital H.

It took every ounce of strength, from both Jason and I, to just roll it out of the garden bed. Using what was left of our strength, we pushed it a few (maybe five) centimetres back against the garden edging.

Jason wanted to move it 10 metres so that it could sit on the driveway. There was no way that was happening. That thing weighed a tonne!

As punishment for its excessive weight, Jason scurried to the shed to find the sledge hammer to smash the tub to smithereens.  (That man has such a destructive streak!)

"Noooo! You can't break it up," the hoarder, in me, pleaded. " I'm going to do something with it. Don't break it, please."

Now that I have saved it from Jason's sledge hammer, I have to do something with it. Pronto.

What do you think I should do? I'm thinking a spray paint and perhaps herbs? It is also going to stay in the same spot because it is seriously, too heavy to move.


  1. oh I can just imagine how terrible that would have been!

    I'm thinking a stain of white and herbs or flowers with one colour in each tub...

  2. It looks REALLY heavy! Herbs and lettuce and stuff. Imagine how lovely it will be to go out and pick stuff for dinner without bending down too low :)

  3. That is so funny- naughty tub you are really heavy therefore I am going to destroy you!! I agree with Kerry it needs herbs BUT someone will have to smash a hole in the bottom for draining?

    We have lillipillies in our garden lining our fence, maybe about 20? They are fantastic but you have to keep the pruning up to date.

  4. I'm so glad you saved it but I have no ideas for it. Are you sure it can't be hauled somewhere appropriate by someone young and studly and re-commissioned to its rightful use as a tub?

  5. I agree herbs sound good or maybe if the kids are into it you could breed frogs , there is something appealing about it.....but how are you going Jo move it ?

  6. Thanks for your comments.
    Katherine, I can't move it unless I take Why S?'s advice about employing someone young and studly. The tub has to stay put.

  7. Wheels. A sled. Glides. If the Egyptians built the pyramids, you can get that tub moved!

    I think it is wonderful in itself, and would do a lot to get it into the right place - even employ a bevy of strong and willing lads. That's what they're for!

  8. I think it has the right gravitas for cacti and succulents.

  9. Hi Anita, thank god you saved it from the sledge hammer! You can't wreck it.... It is history! I think you could maybe give it an iodized? (is that the word?) pot look (they did something similar to a terracotta pot on BHG on Friday night)and plant some herbs. Nice! ;-)

  10. Is it too heavy to move on a trolley?? Herbs would look great in it, such a pain you can't move it.

  11. I know how heavy those things are! Incredible really ... could you put a slatted-lid on it and use it as a bench? Drainage may be an issue though ... we tried drilling holes in the bottom of one we had, and it was virtually impossible!

    Yours, in the trials of renovating!

  12. those things are wicked heavy arent they?! herbs would be good, but would make a great summer strawberry patch too. jx

  13. Oh yes, it would be great for herbs, especially things like mint which can spread everywhere.
    Ah men, they love smashing stuff!!

  14. I'd love one of those - the three bay ones are really quite rare. I'd definitely go with strawberries. You will need some holes so a masonry bit on your drill will be necessary. Otherwise if there is a drainage hole in each section I would suggest filling it part way with broken up bits of styrofoam or terracotta pots, a thick layer of wet newspaper and then your potting mix.

  15. I'd plant herbs too. Would it be possible to drill a hole for drainage?

  16. OOOOOHHHHHH Love it! Maybe leave the looks of it the way it is and fill with herbs.


  17. it is a beaut.... and it now has a second chance at life.

  18. I personally would leave it the colour it is. Cactus and succulents really do suit that look. Another thought is pineapples, they have a strong architectual element like cycads, yuccas etc which really suits concrete. I planted a hedge of them in the front borders in my vegie patch,everytime I bought a pineapple just sliced off the top and planted it slightly under the soil. Pineapples appear in about 2-3 yrs and are suprisingly attractive in the meantime. I ID'ed the virburnum hedge a couple of months ago for you, pleased to see your still considering it.All your choices lovely, the virburnum is the only one which will grow well if you have any shady spots though. Happy gardening X Andrea

  19. Popped back in to read the verdict and love Make Mine Mid Century idea to turn it into a bench!! This would look great in front of a hedge and even better zero maintenance and you wouldn't ever need to move it.

  20. What a shame you can't move it, I think it's really gorgeous. I wouldn't spray it, just plant some herbs in it..Rachaelxx

  21. Thanks for all the feedback - also thanks Andrea for IDing the viburnums all those months ago! I'm going to do something with it this weekend and may even attempt to move it.


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