Sunday, 29 August 2010

Planting Lilly Pillies

Bright and early on Saturday morning (6am), I went to the Rocklea Saturday Fresh Markets. My mission was to pick up lilly pilly plants for our side yard to make a hedge and to pick up a bag of croissants for breakfast.

Mission successfully completed!

I bought 15 Syzygium Aussie Southern lilly pilly plants which are a glossy leaf native. They grow to about three to four metres high and produce fluffy flowers which attract nectar eating birds. They also produce little berries which are apparently edible for those who have 'bush tucker' tendencies.

We already had lilly pillies growing on our back fence line when we moved here last year, so we thought it best to stick with the native theme. They are quite attractive too.

Young Aussie Southern Lilly pilly plants

Jason and sons working hard

Lilly pilly day...

We have to make sure that they get a good drink everyday while they are establishing in their new home. Thankfully, we have a full rainwater tank to assist with this task. 

I applied a soil wetting agent to the soil because I had a bottle of the stuff lying around in the shed. This week, I'll be laying down sugar cane mulch to stop the weeds and improve water retention in the soil. 

I'm very conscious of their need for water in our drought-prone climate. Grow my little pretties, grow! Cross your fingers and toes that they do well for us.


  1. Great shot of Jason's 'Builder's Bum' as we call it over here.

  2. Ha! I like to keep my readers entertained (even if it is sometimes unintentional).

  3. Just a tip ... if you're considering painting your fence at some stage, do it now before your lilly pillies take off. It will save you having to cut them back & getting green ants down your back when you're in amongst them painting at a later stage.

  4. Just you wait, in a year's time they will be largely out of control. I hope Jason has his hedge clippers ready. We use WOLF - fantastic German brand, efficient and effective and slightly scary. xoxo

  5. Looks great, you will have a hedge before you know it. Lily pillies are great for that sort of thing ;-)

  6. Looks great! The Mr and I are in the process of doing up our Queenslander too, it's nice to see others in the process too :)

    x Jasmine

  7. They look fabulous! We have a hedge of them over here and they grow beautifully. They do need pruning but are a brilliant hedge plant, as I'm sure you already know.

    Happy gardening and best wishes for a happy Spring week!


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