Friday, 6 August 2010

Florence Broadhurst cushions - circles and squares & horses stampede

Remember how I was talking about buying some Florence Broadhurst fabric to make some cushions...Well a Lurker on this blog emailed me to say she had some Florence fabric lying around that would be perfect for me. 

What the?

(If I had only known my blog was a path for obtaining my heart's desire, I would've put it out there that I was in the market for a 1960s Hayes & Scott designed home, which came with a nanny, a cleaner and eye-candy pool boy! Greedy thing that I am!)

And I wanted to be gracious and say I couldn't possibly accept, but I just couldn't. Naturally, I said YEAH! 

The Lurker, who is also a very well-known blogger, said she had picked up the fabric cheaply a number of years ago and that she wasn't going to get around to doing anything with it. She wanted it to go to someone who would use it and appreciate it. 

That is pure kindness, isn't it? (It is also not the first time readers have emailed me to offer me things which I have admired. I have THE loveliest readers. You know who you are). 

Check out the stash of Florence Broadhurst covers!

Gorgeous circle and squares and horses stampede Florence Broadhurst fabric
Lovely cushion covers already made! (There's a story in that, which I will leave for another time). 

There are six circle and squares cushion covers and two horses stampede covers. I just have to buy some inserts and finish off the edges. 

I am completely overwhelmed by this Lurker's kindness. Such a generous, generous gesture.

Today, she came over for morning tea which we had out on the back deck. The lovely Katherine from theoldboathouse came along too (she was very naughty and brought a retro gift, which I adore). We had a fabulous conversation about all things furniture and houses. Great fun!

So, who was this well-known lurking cushion philanthropist blogger??

The very cool Midcentury Jo from Desire to Inspire!! 

Ha! Who knew she read me?

Thanks again! xx


  1. What a lovely and generous gift - lucky you!

  2. Good things happen to good people Anita! How cool. Your cushion covers look fantastic, and what a great gesture by Jo, the very best kind of lurker!

  3. NO! That is the nicest story! There are some decently kind and magnaminous people about, aren't there? And you know, the most genuine are the ones that lurk, and don't say anything to draw attention to themselves.

    She deserves a big kiss! What beautiful fabric - and she's right. It's gone to the best home.

  4. Oh , How cool, for us little bloggers that would be like having a rock star drop by for a visit & what a generous gift. I bet you can't stop smiling!!!

  5. What a great story! Blogging is just fantastic, isn't it? The covers are beautiful..Rachaelxx

  6. Isn't that fantastic!! I would love to meet up with my bloggy friends as they all seem like such lovely people.
    Thank you for you lovely comment today :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. How nice is that! And nice that you could actually meet some bloggers! I hope to do the same in the future. Perhaps a little bloggers convention? There are truly some very kind people out there! Enjoy the weekend!

  8. What a gorgeous and generous gift! You lucky duck! Sounds like you had a fab day too. Hope you have a great weekend. Michelle

  9. That is way beyond cool. I love a story of generosity and kindness, and that we get to hear about it. That horse fabric is seriously beautiful. Happy sewing, plumping, arranging!

  10. such a generous gift..... very cool. i need to put it out there that i need a hot pool boy too. i dont even have a pool but whatever

  11. Hi Anita! Didn't I tell you that payment for the cushions was an eye candy pool boy? Just pop him in the post :) Thanks again for fab coffee and cake!

  12. oh what a lovely gift. That horses print always makes me think of "Wild Horses". One my my friends actually has a dress in the horses print.

  13. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    And Jo, Raoul is in the mail...

  14. Beutiful fabric! Loved your post!


  15. Hey where is my comment?? Just popped in to have another read and realised. I must remember to wait before I go off the page when I leave a comment...yes I am hopeless, now I can't remember what I said haha. Anyway thanks again for a great day...your cake and coffee is devine and I am sure I ate a shamefully large amount. cheers Katherine

  16. Good for the soul this blogging!!!!!

  17. Love the design of the pillow cover!

  18. what!!! I was alerted to this post via that little widget that leads to older posts!!!
    I'll definately have to start a list of desires - perhaps add a tab to my blog - let the universe know!!!!
    awesome aquisition - love the cushion covers.
    lucky duck!
    cheryl xox.


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