Sunday, 8 August 2010

Not Arne Jacobsen Vola Knobs

Jason sent me on a mission to seek and purchase suitable knobs for Number 1 son's wardrobe doors.

I hadn't even considered door knobs at all...Didn't he realise, I must do hours of endless research before deciding on the appropriate ones?!

So off I went, completely clueless (more so than usual). The first place I thought to look was Bunnings. There were wooden knobs, round knobs, square knobs, brass knobs and even teddy bear knobs.

And, amongst it all, there was this knob. Modern, simple, made in Taiwan. I bought four.

Last night, I started my retrospective door knob research (sad, eh?) and stumbled upon Remodelista's top ten modern cabinet knobs list. Very handy!

Vola door knob designed by architect Arne Jacobsen. Image from here

Arne Jacobsen Vola door knobs, designed in the 1960s, made their list. It is made by Vola A/S which is a Danish company that make the iconic Arne Jacobsen Vola tap.

Vola tap image from apartment therapy

Anyhow, my Bunning's version is not too dissimilar...except perhaps for the made in Taiwan business and, of course, the price. Ha! (Sorry, the Vola knobs, at US$50 a pop, are not meant for cheap pine louvre doors.)

It seems as if Arne Jacobsen's design is not alone, as there are other versions of what is essentially the same knob.

This image is of a Hafele knob

This bedazzling Swarovski crystal door knob image came from  here


The knobs I bought are probably not meant for bedroom cupboard doors, but I don't care. They look good on what are fairly ordinary looking louvre doors.

We were planning to replace these cupboard doors but as they were still in good condition a coat of white paint was enough to give them new life.

At least the knobs for the doors are discrete, which I think is a good thing for cupboards.

New door knobs on louvre cupboard doors

Freshly painted cupboard doors

Before of the old cupboard doors with their timber knobs


  1. I dream about Arne Jacobsen taps! One day, they'll be all I turn on.

    Those knobs look just fine!

  2. Hi Anita, nice knobs! Well I bet those louvers were fun to paint! We have been painting all day today and are about to mark up the wall for the stripes. A couple of trips to Bunnings is par for the course... I am so tired tonight and glad tomorrow is a show holiday for our suburb. I think your sons room is looking great and the louvre doors came up really well. Nice job!

  3. Love those door knobs! A big improvement for the shutter cupboard doors - looks great Anita. Bet you are pleased.

  4. Just goes to show that what innate taste you have my dear... you don't need research...doors look great!!

  5. Superb knobs. I think the small details are the hardest things when it comes to renos. So many options, so many decisions. I think you probably went about this in totally the right way. Well done.

  6. They look perfect! I never realised they were based on famous knobs - I used the same ones for my apartment's kitchen, the only problem is that the cupboards, made in the 60's, are not always easy to pull open without much grip. Oh well :) Looks over practicality!

  7. Love that blinged up swarovski! I too have those nobs - had no idea they were even vaguely related to my hero Arne J... we have them all through the house on each cupboard and in lots of sizes. Inherited of course but I like them. I will NOT have them in my next kitchen though - when you grab a nob on a drawer with wet fingers (as I always do) they slip off and hit the groove and it really hurts. Honestly, sounds ridiculous but it really does!

  8. Um oh yes, that would be Knob. K.N.O.B. Not N.O.B, oh what a nob (knob?) I feel.... did I tell you I am a journalist?

  9. Ha! That's so funny, Ann. Don't worry. Just don't look too closely at my spelling...
    And how cool are we to have "designer" knobs and not even realise...:)

  10. I agree. You have innate taste. It's crazy how pricey knobs can be. But the right ones make all the difference.

  11. I hope the Louvre Cupboard Painter was justly rewarded for his efforts. My least favourite painting job of all time. He's a keeper.
    Millie ^_^

  12. Wow!..I was impressed!..Although its simple but you can really see its worth!..It makes the difference!

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